Monday, February 26, 2018

Ile-Ife, again the gods failed to perform: Devouts Devoured by the local Oranfe deity

We reported previously on the historic disaster that attended the efforts to revive the Aje deity at Ile-Ife.  The outcome of a similar effort at the Oranfe shrine was immediate and does not require any detailed cause-effect analyses to establish an association, as was in the case for Aje.   Pandemonium broke out at the Oranfe shrine Tuesday 3rd October, 2017 as the highly revered deity failed to fly amidst a large crowd of enthusiastic adoring followers.
The gay mood was suddenly shattered with agonizing cries of “Owo mi ti ya, owo mi ti ya!” (my hand is shredded!) as the chief channel [Medium] cried in excruciating pain.  Lightning (and thunder) was supposed to be conjured to awe the gathering and send a signal to the city that Oranfe is back.  However all the fire power apparently concentrated on the poor man’s hand. Sandwiched between two other devotees, he was rushed to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex on motor bike. At least 4 others close to him were also seriously affected.
While the health status of the affected cannot be officially verified, the incidence, rather than mark the renaissance of Oranfe has driven the home-truth into the boisterous worshippers that their excitement and veneration of the over-rated local deities is simply grossly misplaced and unjustified.  In Vol. 7 No 1 we reported how the same god of thunder grossly affected the fortunes of the Nigerian contingent during the Abuja COJA; and caused tremendous damage to infrastructure, to the embarrassment of the Wole Soyinka-led organizing committee.
With funds coming principally from the UNESCO, a fanatical push by the Osun State governor, and enthusiastic support from the new monarch desirous to carve a new image and niche for his reign, there has been near-militant efforts to re-invent the ancient shrines and deities at Ile-Ife.
The Oranfe is about the most notorious and dreaded deity in Ile-Ife.  It is a version of the god of Thunder (Ora/Thor), and is notorious for its blatant refusal to allow any other offering to be substituted for humans, which is its regular sacrificial offering (City of 201 gods by J.K. Oluponna). The oranfe shrine was hurriedly renovated for the expected grand display of October 3 2017, but the almighty God apparently had other plans in mind!
We pray the event will open the eyes of many, and help them turn to the God who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is therein” (Acts 14:15)
Meanwhile, the agenda of Ogbeni Aregbesola to foist the dead yoruba gods on the state suffered another significant setback on Dec 14, 2017 when the high court at Ilesa declared illegal the unilateral change of the state’s name from “Osun State” to “State of Osun.” (  As we discussed in 2014, whereas the former (official) name merely connotes a geographical association, the latter (now-declared illegal re-designation) categorically declares that the State belongs to the Osun deity, with its serious spiritual implications. 
As this occult-inspired name collapses, we trust that all the structures and accoutrements associated with it will similarly crumble like cookies in Jesus name.

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