Monday, February 26, 2018

Hell rages against Nation Nigeria - of MACBAN et al..

For someone whose rendezvous with hell-fire is imminent, the devil has every reason to be desperate. (Rev 12:12, Mat. 25:41, Rev 20:10).

The devil’s vicious war in Nigeria is actually an indication that Nigeria has a significant role to play for God in the end-times. This yet-to-be-fulfilled role has been affirmed in prophecy after prophecy over the decades. From the several examples in Scriptures (including those of Joseph, Moses, and our Lord Jesus Christ) we can be confident that God’s purposes cannot be frustrated, and Nigeria will eventually fulfil her destiny! (Job 42:2)

In the Hegelian doctrine which we have referred to again and again, some smart guys (as they suppose themselves to be), in order to achieve some mischievous objective, create a problem and thereafter turn round offering their brand of solution for this problem they have created. With enough craftiness, they hope they can get a presumably gullible world to embrace this solution with profuse thanksgiving.

In Nigeria, the perennial problem of the marauding Fulani herdsmen, now taken to unprecedented levels, is obviously part of a sinister script, set to accomplish a far broader agenda. As Bishop David Oyedepo pointed out, when the resources being deployed to secure a supposedly commercial investment is turning out to far surpass the investment itself, there obviously is more to the situation. The deployment of sophisticated guns at costs far in excess of the profits accruable  from a pastoral cattle business, coupled with the level of expertise required to operate the guns, make it abundantly clear that the situation on ground is no regular commercial venture!

The matter is clearly more than the simplistic narrative of pastoralists responding to ongoing desertification and thereby desperately seeking for pasture for their beloved cattle.  As Chief Olu Falae recounted, the herdsmen plod through much lush grassland, ignoring them; but bring the cattle right into his farm to eat the cassava, maize and other crops.  When challenged about this illogicality, a herdsman was said to have responded: “why would you settle for garri when there is rice available for dinner?”  But according to Chief Falae, what betrays the ultimate agenda is that after all these outrages, the herdsmen also proceed to deliberately burn down the palm oil plantation, which has nothing at all to do with cattle feeding other than to inflict maximum economic damage.
A similar case was pathetically recounted by the gentleman from Edo state.  He had obviously heeded the call to return from the diaspora to salvage Nigeria and help diversify her economy by making agriculture great again.  In a video he put together for governor Obaseki and released on social media, hectares of plantain plantation were seen ravaged and burnt down by Fulani herdsmen.
In Ilorin, Prof Sulyman Abdulkareem, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin said the institution could no longer cope with the economic damages inflicted by herdsmen on the University’s Teaching and Research Farm.  Economic trees that are left untouched by the cattle are hewed down by the herdsmen for charcoal production. But worse is the allegation by the VC that the herdsmen are actually poisoning the University dam with chemicals! (See here).
Clearly these are problems being deliberately created to provoke a desperate search for a workable solution. Any workable solution!
And now, nobody contests any longer that the marauders are Fulani herdsmen.  Until recently, government media houses only reported “inter-community” skirmishes resulting in some deaths.  As a legislator pointed out to the government however, the so-called skirmishes are not between neighbouring communities.  It is one particular group, the Fulani group, moving round communities all over the federation, killing, pillaging and raping while people were sleeping peacefully or working their land to produce food for the nation.  Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna state started the alternative narrative that though the killers are Fulani herdsmen, they are not Nigerians. As such, the Nigerian herdsmen should not be asked to answer for them!
Simultaneously however, the very nigerian Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), at least in Benue state, admitted their culpability in the dastard attacks. They said the attack was provoked by the legitimate law put in place by the Benue state government, which the MACBAN considers unacceptable.  Even the Inspector General of Police, at a point, seemed to concur with the MACBAN! 
Thereafter come the proffered solutions. With an incredible straight-face, the barely-concealed puppeteers boldly demand that the carnages can be made to stop quickly if every state in the federation would allocate a whooping 5000 hectares of land to be used by private fulani business men as cattle colony.  Somebody did the maths and pointed out that that amounts to a portion of land 25km x 20 km in expanse!  Even more incredibly, the relevant government agencies, including the legislature immediately started falling over themselves to accede to the request. President Buhari himself (the life grand patron of MACBAN) promised to personally fund the development of such colonies to ensure provision of modern infrastructure including roads, electricity, and potable water. All these for cattle and their nomadic herders?
At this juncture, the other nationalities in Nigeria knew they must rise up to defend themselves.  The battle is currently raging, with Benue state serving as the main front.
When all security units in the country were being put under the control of moslems from the north, many apologists flatly refused to see the implications. Thereafter the same situation was repeated in the Education ministry. At the moment, the Immigration department is taking the matter to new nauseating depths, with virtually the entire top rank being moslem!  According to protesting officers from that department, the recent promotion exercise was hijacked by people from the Presidency who substituted the authentic promotion list with another of their making.  The first 2 pages of the new list, showing the most senior officers, are now reportedly exclusively populated with northerners/moslems! “How does one explain that the first two pages of the list of officers promoted from the rank of the rank of CSI to ACI contained the name of Muslim officers of northern extraction. Are they the most intelligent in the service? It was also observed that Katsina State alone produced five to six comptrollers, while some southern states had none. This is sheer wickedness.” (see Exactly similar furore is being raised in the Civil Defence
For anyone who cares to see, it is clear that the scale of all these blunt assaults on the constitution, and the magnitude of monies involved in cases of corruption from which Government merely turns away her head, indicate that the agenda is far beyond that of individuals trying to enrich their personal pockets. A state-like agenda is clearly in the offing  – probably including  plans of an eventual pull-out from “One Nigeria!”
Northern elements who nurture such dream, together with their southern stooges, as well as their foreign instigators pushing an even larger agenda of enthroning the anti-christ, keep forgetting one fact though: man proposes, God disposes.  The God of heaven is not asleep, and He is strongly interested in case Nigeria.
He, and He alone, has the final say.

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