Monday, February 26, 2018

The Gore Effect strikes again, at Davos!

We previously described the Gore Effect.  Named after the famous advocate for anthropological-global warming, and former Vice President Al Gore, this strange effect manifests as unseasonal and extreme cold weather at critical meetings convened by globalists to force their opinion that the planet is dangerously warming up!

The latest manifestation of the Gore effect was at the annual meeting of globalist elites at Davos. Delegates to the meeting, including 60 heads of state and hundreds of top business leaders, were welcomed to the Swiss ski resort by severe snow storms which threw spanners in all the carefully-made arrangements.  The New York Times reports that “speakers were late to their own sessions and press conferences as the roads had become impassable and clogged with traffic.” Neither could the helicopters be used as “the severe snow storm closed even the town’s helicopter pads.”

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