Thursday, November 15, 2018


Those who purvey unsustainable values sooner than later find the hens coming back home to roost.  Unfolding developments in the two major instruments of error being used devastatingly by the devil in these end times illustrate this truism.  The instruments are the twin-sisters of Once-Saved-Always-Saved (OSAS) movement and the Lesbians-Gay-Bisexuals-Transgender (LGBT) new sexuality movement.


Consider the OSAS heresy for instance. When people go around turning truth and basic logic upside down as they insist that moral virtues, (including of course marital fidelity), have no central place for a truly tutored “new creation reality;” it is THEIR homes they are placing in jeopardy and not the homes of the rest of us who insist that God requires obedience and basic self-discipline, even from regenerated souls. 
The Southern Baptist church in the US can better attest to this, as they were compelled to acknowledge that adultery and divorce rates in their church is higher than among the “unconverted”  souls they are trying to reach. Ouch! (see this article here).
Furthermore as we pointed out earlier, one of the key contemporary teachers of OSAS has had to lament his observation that many converts to OSAS sooner or later start to “live such defeated lives”  which apparently results in droves getting “discouraged and even stop praying and attending church.”  Again, this is simply inevitable. Why would an adherent of OSAS need to pray?  Indeed, virtually all the key elements in the model prayer the Lord taught us: “may Thy Kingdom come,” “forgive us our trespasses”, “lead us not into temptation,” “deliver us from evil,” are vehemently lambasted by OSAS as irrelevant and uninformed!  What then is there to pray about if the Kingdom has already come, and our sins need no acknowledgement or forgiveness, and temptation and evil are meaningless concepts to us!
Little wonder there is constant flux of members in OSAS-affirming congregations,  new naïve and gullible ones being recruited even as others fall off. Hence membership must be sustained by ever-more outlandish new “revelational teachings”.  In the last edition of CA! we featured some of the latest attacks from the Chris Onayinka Ministries (a.k.a. Saints Community Church) on water baptism and Holy Communion. It’s absolutely amazing that these pretty obvious riff-raff doctrines could appeal to ordinarily intelligent young men and women? The end times are indeed here!


Similarly, open warfare has developed between the Lesbians and the Transgenders in the LGBT movement as they are confronted with several contradictions implicit in the ungodly values they purvey. The so-called transgender women comprise of men who claim they are now women.  Some now don’t even bother with the hormonal therapy that would at least make them look feminine outside – they simply claim THEY believe they are women trapped in men’s body by fluke of evolution and they now “self-ID” as women. Fullstop!
In the US and Canada, anyone who dares challenge  such deluded declaration and is caught using the wrong pronoun for these people risks endless excoriation from the compromised vocal Press, plus hefty jail terms from the government.  In short, the rest of us are required to jettison our own sanity and sottishly embrace all this lunacy!
Now this movement is headed for a cul de sac in light of new questions currently being raised by their fellow queers in the new sexuality LGBT movement. “Can male-bodied transgender women claim they are lesbians who are sexually-attracted to women? – isn’t that regular heterosexual attraction! Or more importantly, could such be allowed to freely interact with women as other women, for instance, as is currently causing much furore at the Plant Fitness Gymn in the US; where women who refuse to shower together with “fully male-bodied transgender men” have now being banned from patronizing the famous health club!
Highlighting such roforofo issues and demanding redress is none else but the traditional lesbians who sense they are about losing their hard-fought for identity! Consequently, they are vehemently discrediting the whole concept of transgenderism and threatening to pull out of the ‘LGBT” Movement.  The rallying cry rings: ‘Get the “L” out of the LGBT!’  The transgenders respond by blasting the lesbians as “transphobes” and “TERFs”  -  meaning “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”
Chuckle, chuckle, Self-deceit can only last so long! (see details of the brewing imbroglio as reported by the Christian Institute here  and the Worldnews Daily here.   
In the meantime, the English Freemasons have announced that they will allow transgender women to retain their membership if they joined when they were men, and agree to be still addressed as “brothers” even in their new “trans” state.  Of course, women who say they are now transgender men are also to be accepted. According to the BBC, the United Grand Lodge of England believes it is “unlawful discrimination” to expel members who decide to transition.  What all these developments boil down to is that the only group of people now prohibited from joining the historically all-male secret society are biological women who choose to maintain their natural identity as women! Now, is that not discriminatory against women? One commentator on twitter taunts the Lodge of England: “I self-ID as a man one day a week. I haven’t changed my appearance but feel my inner essence is definitely male. May I come along to a meeting? Look forward to hearing from you.” See more of the gender madness at
But even, as the Lesbians are threatening to narrow the scope of the satanic new sexuality project by removing the “L” from the LGBT, another group is fighting tooth and nail to expand it.  The new “LGBT+” is proposed to include Paedophiles as the latest sexual orientation to be accorded formal recognition in the post-modern world’s new sexuality.
Why, paedophiles are nothing more than adults who find themselves sexually aroused by the bodies of children.  Should they be “demonised” for such a situation out of their control? 
Riva Mendoza summarized the development in an article on 11th July: “Pedophiles are now attempting to 'rebrand' themselves as 'MAP' (Minor-Attracted Persons) in a strange effort to be accepted into the LGBT community by 'normalizing' pedophilia. The word 'MAP' is a blanket term according to the Urban Dictionary and includes infantophilia (infants), pedophiles (pre-pubescent children), hebephiles (pubescent children), and ephebophiles (post-pubescent children). There are even pedophiles rebranding themselves as NOMAPs (Non-Offending Minor-Attracted Persons). The LGBT community could have their water seriously contaminated if pedophiles succeed in infiltrating the group.”
The bottom-line, however, is this: if homosexuals are to be accepted as being helpless to the innate urges in them, whereby they find people of similar gender irresistibly sexually attractive; what morality would preclude others to be helplessly sexually attracted to babies and infants? Clearly, there is no end to the perversion that must be embraced once society succumbs to the hell-inspired logics of the new sexuality movement! Excuse one, then filter in the others. There is thence no more control on the slippery slope to the bottomless pit!  See further examples of the perverse arguments being pushed here.

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