Thursday, November 15, 2018

Christmas Approaching: Leah still in captivity

In the last edition of CA!, we featured Leah Sharibu who has been in the custody of Islamic terrorists since February 19.  She had the opportunity to be released with her 105 Moslem school mates  -  on the disgusting condition that she renounce Christ and embrace Islam.  Leah preferred captivity or death to doing that!  She marked her 15th birthday in the enclave of the islamists on May 14.
Eight months after the abduction,  government finally found time to contact the family.  The President himself put in a phone call to Leah’s mother on October 3 while an official delegate led by the Minister of Information also paid a physical visit.  Many people see it all as part of October 1 politicking, especially with the race for 2019 steaming up.
Things have been extra-tough for the young lady in recent times.  At the expiry of deadlines which government could not meet, two health workers in the custody of the same gang that abducted Leah were summarily killed in cold-blood, despite pleas from the International Committee of the Red Cross for which the ladies were working as volunteers.  Leah herself was pronounced a slave, till government would yield to the terms being demanded. It is evident that the Islamic terrorists are making possibly outrageous demands including both ransom money as well as release of key terrorists in government custody.  Whereas it is quite possible that insiders from government were deeply involved in the abduction saga to start with, it now looks increasingly clear things have been taken out of their hands.
As things are now, the intervention of the Almighty God is direly needed to turn the table against those who see all these as one fabulous gold-mining operation. At least on two occasions, such evil operators sponsored wide-spread rumours, falsely claiming Leah had been released.  All these were obviously meant to further complicate the matter to the benefit of the terrorists.  So we request that all Christian people keep this young champion of the faith in mind, and continually keep up prayers for her.  The God Who secured the release of Peter from imminent death, in response to the prayers of the saints is still alive and on His throne! (Acts 12:5-11)

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