Thursday, November 15, 2018

In the UK, Doctor Sacked for claiming Gender is determined at Birth by Genetics

 Dr. David Mackereth has been relieved of his work as a physician in UK’s National Health System (NHS) for daring to voice his belief that someone carrying male genitalia is a man, and one with female genitalia a woman.  In UK’s modern society, everybody, including physicians, is required to address and treat people according to what gender they choose to ascribe to themselves – male or female.  It is now considered a right for a person to be able to identify with whichever gender they wish, at any point in time as they wish.
But Dr Mackereth also felt he too has the right to sanity and faith; and should not be compelled to address a bearded baritone with a penis as a lady! According to the 55 year old physician who had been working for the NHS for some 26 years:   “I believe that gender is defined by biology and genetics, and that as a Christian the Bible teaches us that God made humans male or female. I could have kept my mouth shut but it was the right time to raise it.”   The further quotes Dr Mackereth: “I don’t think I should be compelled to use a specific pronoun. I am not setting out to upset anyone. But if upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society, we have to examine where we are going.”
Commenting on this development, Geoffrey Grider writing for, noted that it’s not just in the U.K. where Christians are no longer allowed to practice their faith without facing persecution at the hands of the state. According to Grider: “Canada recently passed a law calling for jail time for people who call someone by the ‘wrong pronoun,’ as well as a bill that allows the government to seize children from parents who only acknowledge two genders.”
In a similar development, trying to rein-in professional people from practicing what they learnt about human anatomy and physiology at school, an article in the respected journal, Pediatrics, is suggesting that describing “breastfeeding” as “natural” is “offensive,”  “unethical,”  and most certainly a “hate speech” towards transgender women, who of course cannot breastfeed anybody!  “Coupling nature with motherhood… can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretaker),” the study says.   The ultimate goal seems to be making it a “punishable offense for doctors, government employees, or other medical professionals to describe breastfeeding as natural …. in the same way as misgendering a person” – the very crime said to be committed by Dr. David Mackereth!

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