Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bret Kavanaugh: Unmasking Vile Demonic War against Truth and Godliness

The rest of the world watched in amazement as desperate American liberals went to the limits in their efforts to make an ass of democracy.  In an obviously trumped-up move, a lady was raised up by the left-wingers to accuse President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court of sexual assault.  The event supposedly occurred decades ago when Bret Kavanaugh was a teenager in high school.  Only those mesmerized by CNN or Al Jazeera would however give any credibility to the obvious cook-and-bull story.  The lady couldn’t give a credible location where the assault supposedly happened.  Neither could she explain how she, being then an under-age girl got transport to and fro the location.  Worse for the story, all the people who supposedly could corroborate the story actually went ahead to flatly refute it. And then, there was the diary!   Bret Kavanaugh had over the decades meticulously kept a diary documenting daily events, including pranks he was involved with during his teenage years.  He couldn’t have imagined how useful those diary entries would be in 2018!  Needless to say, there was no mention of any sexual assault, or even an outing involving the lady in question.
The leftists eventually had their desire for an FBI investigation into the matter.  But contrary to their expectation for a long drawn-out process, which could meet and influence outcomes of the November 6 mid-term elections, the FBI made the investigation short and sharp.  And their conclusion was unambiguous and expected: No iota of truth in the wild desperate allegation.
Shamelessly, after the thorough unmasking of their charges as pure deliberate lie, the liberals changed tune. It was no longer important whether Bret Kavanaugh was a sex predator or a saint.  His demeanour and display of anger during his response to the malicious false accusations were unbecoming of one who would sit at the Supreme Courts!  How dare he get angry?  Ugh, Just how low can these globalist left-wingers go!
Breaking News: The results from the much awaited and keenly contested mid-term elections in the US are now in.  The long and short is: the globalists lost again as Trump triumphs over them. The Almighty God sure knows how to accomplish His eternal counsels!

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