Thursday, November 15, 2018


To too many Christians, the gory reports of killings by Fulani-herdsmen, the foot-soldiers currently on deployment to actualize the Islamist agenda of a total take-over of Nigeria, is more or less like an entertaining tragedy movie.  The Church is too disconnected for people to experience what was described in I Cor. 12:26  And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it.”
It is therefore very common to see Christians shake their heads in pity at sights of ripped-up pregnant women, corpses of brutalised children, and other extremely gory sights; and the next moment return to their meals or their heated arguments in support of the politicians whose inaction, or even tacit support, is fuelling the killings.
How can any right-thinking person ever exonerate  from these dastard acts, a government who in utter disregard for the constitution, deliberately put moslems from a section of the country in charge of every security unit in the country? And to add insult to the injury, not only would the government NOT readily condemn the perpetrators and pronounce them the terrorists that they are, top government spokesmen kept raising alternative nauseating narratives.  The latest is the insistence by none less than the minister for interior and the police IG that it was the legally-passed popular law proscribing open cattle grazing, and non-capitulation to the cattle colony idea, that is responsible for the unending carnage.  In short the victims asked for the deal they are getting!
How can anyone suggest that some war against corruption (even if not lopsided as is the present situation) or some other positive social-economic index can balance wanton killings unapologetically designed to turn Nigerian into a fiefdom, the “estate of the Usman dan Fodio clan” with the Christian majority turned into slaves, or second-class citizens at best?
Yet, as the Christian people steadfastly fight this war we have found ourselves in, we must do so using our superior strength: our spirituality!
As cautioned by the Vice President, we must not get distracted.  We must not allow evil to overcome us (Rom 12:21), yet we must not degenerate to attempting to fight evil with evil.  A Christian who does that has already become overcome of evil!
It is quite obvious that the ongoing carnage in pockets of locations all across the country are only explorative attacks in preparation for massive nationwide carnage – only the blind will not see the ongoing deployment of able-bodied islamist reservists all over the country in guise of motorcyclists, miners, and more recently, supposed road-menders who perpetually man strategic points on the roads, pretending to be unpaid volunteers!
  Yet all this, in a sense, is only a reflection of global moves of a desperate devil who knows he has but a short time left.
The video of the mid-June outburst from a clearly frustrated legislator in West Cameroon went viral on social media recently.  He lamented a situation where every commander in the security forces is from one section of the country and the forces are treating the western section as occupied territory with unrelenting beatings, killings, and rape. He repeated over and over again that the West was no longer interested in the union! You first thought you were listening to a legislator from Nigeria’s middle belt! 
Like the vice-president reminded the nation, the expression “this country is nothing but a geographical expression” was indeed first made, not with respect to Nigeria, but Italy in 1814! Acrimonious, seemingly intractable differences have since occurred and indeed ongoing in many nations around the globe. With incredible injustices being perpetrated.
Pastor Bosun Emmanuel reminded the audience at CETCon that blood is the legal-tender for spiritual transactions.  Don’t be shocked if it turns out that the senseless outrageous killings were more or less blood sacrifices.  The same analysis will make sense of the non-political carnage at Offa at a bank robbery where about 33 people were needlessly killed.  And by people whose access to virtually limitless fund by connection to state treasury should not actually be in any desperate need for money to warrant the carnage.  Think blood sacrifice!
And there might not be a direct connect with politics either; but in virtually every society around the globe, there are to be found minority groups or communities being hounded and persecuted relentlessly.  As perhaps an extreme example, consider the report from the US, of as many as 77 practictioners  of alternative medicines dropping dead of non-natural causes in three years. The report is that they are being hacked down by multinational pharmaceutical companies whose profits and control of the health sector is being threatened by new unpatentable natural cures for cancer, among other diseases!
The big difference in Nigeria’s case is that it is religiously coloured, and it is the minority persecuting the majority.
So the majority must put on her thinking cap. Seize the opportunity to unite.  But in joining such needed efforts, we must not forget we are christians. Self-defense as advocated by the revered elder, TY Danjuma is already enshrined in the constitution; but it must not become pre-meditated offensive, especially against randomly picked representative members of the attacking clan.
Doris Bura, long-term supporter of Church Arise! from the North East, once lamented people subscribing to sorcery and witchcraft as a defence against Islamic terror! And as we also reported in the past, the old cultic Yoruba militia, the Agbekoyas, are bidding their opportunity in the west.  All these jumping from the fry pan into the fire moves, must be resisted. If Christians would mobilize and unite, at this juncture, there probably would be no need for armed resistance and blood-letting. We can use the present adverse situation to prepare for our post-Egypt existence. A glorious future beckons, let the Church Arise!

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