Friday, November 16, 2018


Church Arise! issued an official Statement titled CHURCH’S PRIORITY IS TO DISCERN GOD’S WILL AND BOLDLY PROCLAIM IT WITH A UNITED VOICE at the onset of the gubernatorial election in Osun State. The opinion expressed in the statement is also applicable to the coming general elections in February 2019 - from the Ward level to the Presidential election.
The summary is that the Christian Association of Nigeria should endeavour to define the strategic interests of the Church, identify a single candidate who is committed and have the capacity to promote those interests if elected into each relevant office, and should thereafter unapologetically mobilize the Christian constituency to give maximum legitimate support for such candidate.  If this is done, the Church has already won, irrespective of the eventual outcome of the election!
In addition to the Statement, we would add here that for the topmost office in the nation, the Presidency, the cabal currently in government is extremely determined to retain power, and it might take more than PVCs to it out of office.  While several of the new breed presidential aspirants might indeed be able to secure victory over the incumbent in any free and fair elections, it would be a pipe dream to expect that outcome given our current situation. 
As things are now, a grand alliance will be required.  This is not necessarily a negative development, and should not mean compromising on our core Christian principles. Rather, it would lay the foundation for governance by coalitions.  As in Israel and several countries in Europe, even small groups with major agenda can win the concessions most important to them, without necessarily occupying the highest offices. The Church should begin to mobilize her members to placing more values of issues pertaining to the Kingdom of God, and be ready to make clear stands, like Leah Sharibu.  A group that would supervise this should be forged together,  and allowed to gradually and steadily grow in influence till the Lord’s return.

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