Friday, November 16, 2018

Osinbajo, a Daniel in the Den

There could be no doubting that the almighty God has positioned Prof Yemi Osinbajo in the office of Vice President of Nigeria to have highly strategic influence at unprecedented auspicious times.  With an audacious Islamist mafia running roughshod over the nation’s affairs at a time even the influence of the President himself is suspected to be at best extremely minimal, demonstrating Christian loyalty as Vice President in the administration requires a specially prepared man of God!
Such principled loyalty and dignified composture while still maintaining Christian integrity is indeed a high-value witness from Pastor Osinbajo in this generation.
Even while it is only the LORD that can assess the full impact of Pastor Yemi Osinbajo’s quiet and faithful witness in the corridor of powers, one or two events have been too glaring for anyone not to see.  Such as the confirmation of a Christian, Walter Onoghen, as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, a fundamental intolerable blow to the aspirations of the Jihadists which they nevertheless had to bitterly endure.  Pastor Osinbajo was also at hand to serve the Islamist the bitter pill of removing one of the de facto powers of the ruling cabal from the highly strategic office of head of State Security.  Though the Christian replacement was no sooner booted out by an infuriated shameless junta, the moslem replacement could only be a poor replacement in achieving the original plans of a daring and desperate Islamic mafia.
It is also, of course, obvious even to the blind, that any time Pastor Osinbajo held sway as acting President,  the military suddenly found enough spirit to dare confront the infamous Fulani herdsmen (now identified by COCIN president as none less than highly trained Fulani militias).  Only the LORD knows the extent of setback to Islamist agenda those periods translate to. The US-based Nigerian human rights advocate, Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe wrote a detailed article on Osinbajo’s courageous moves and strategic influence on the affairs of our nation to date,  which can be read on our blogspot here
Church Arise! calls on the Body of Christ in Nigeria to discern and appreciate the strategic but precarious position Pastor Osinbajo is currently called by the LORD to occupy at this time in our nation.  It probably is no less precarious than Daniel’s at the courts of the Mede-Persian kings - including that memorable night in the den of the lions! The least the Church could do for him is constantly hold him up in prayer so he would finish not only well but strong - like his predecessor Daniel.

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