Monday, May 11, 2015

Water Palaver in California and Sao Paolo

The state of California was forced, for the first time in history on Wednesday April 1, to announce sweeping statewide restrictions on water use.  Residents and businesses were ordered to cut their water use by one quarter.  This was in view of the unprecedented devastating drought, now on for a number of years, facing the state.  Opinions are divided on the cause of this historic drought.  While some felt California was simply reverting to its barren desert status, which only changed in the 20th century; others blamed the geoengineering efforts at government-run HAARP facilities, as being (deliberately or inadvertently) behind the drought in one of America’s food basket state (Watch video at: The HAARP Report YouTube channel.).
.   In a related event, the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil has decided to cut water service to just 2 days per week.  Residents in the city of 20 million will therefore have water supply from their tap only about eight times monthly.  All this is a desperate effort by the government to prevent a total collapse of one of the city’s primary water sources.

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