Monday, May 11, 2015

Gays attack on Christian businesses unrelenting

Homosexuals are cashing in on the laws criminalizing “discrimination” against homosexuality in Western countries and using it to target outspoken Christians and their businesses. The plot is simple and straightforward: homosexuals walk into a well-known Christian bakery and ask for special cake for homosexual marriage ceremony (as in the story of Randy  and Trish McGath ) or a Christian florist (such as Barronelle Stutzman to ask for flower for the “wedding” or  they may require the services of a Christian photographer (such as Elaine Huguenin ) for the coverage of the ceremony, and so on, and so forth..  Hawkish lawyers are usually somewhere not far away to document evidences that would be used to prosecute the case later, in anticipation that the business would decline to provide the required services.  That of course, according to warped Western thinking is discrimination!
But Christians have insisted that refusing to participate in a ceremony directly forbidden by one’s religious believe cannot be taken as discrimination.  After all it is not as if homosexuals are not welcome to come do business on location!  .
The situation is even worse for Christians who are in public service. One of the poster cases in the UK was that of Theresa Davies, a Registrar with Islington Borough Council.   For refusing to preside over civil partnership ceremonies, based on her Christian faith, Theresa was demoted  from her job.  (  Similar stories can be told of Lilian Ladele and many more in that country (see Book 2: Behold I come quickly for extensive compilation)
It is sad to see the Christian worldview suffer such fate, even in the lands where the traditional judeo-christian values were first developed.  By contrast, how many would dare require a Moslem restaurant, for instance, to serve pork or alcohol to customers?  As a matter of fact,  in Ohio prisons, bacons and sausages must not at all be prepared or served in order not to offend their pious Islamic sensibilities!  In one of the latest show of explosive Islamic influence in the UK, Moslems are  now demanding that an infidel (non-moslem) cannot be buried  next to a moslem, even in public cemeteries!   Strangely, none of these constitute discrimination of any sort.  However, when it comes to Christians demanding fidelity to the basics of their faith, in consonance with common-sense and age-long moral codes, every Tom, Dick, and Harry bring out the whip and sledgehammer, shouting PHOBIA!
Meanwhile, one of the largest mainline Protestant denominations in the US, the Presbyterian Church has approved a change in the wording of its constitution to include same-sex marriage. Appeasement at all costs?

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