Monday, May 11, 2015

Microchip implants+ Internet surveillance portend end to individual privacy: An update

As we have reported over the years, the computer microchip implanted within the human body will play a major, central role in the reign of the antichrist.  We here present an update confirming that behind-the-scene forces are still steadily channeling developments in society towards improvement of these concepts, as well as their widening applications in society.


First is a Report that the US government is implanting trackable microchips into Guantanamo Bay detainees prior to their release.  Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah was supposed to have made the request to President Obama in 2010.  Military sources say that the implants, based on nano technology was first tested on U.S. troops (see also CA! Vol 10 No 4)

            Of course the hype of the absolute desirability of having a chip implant continues on several fronts in civil society as well. Latest is a report from Sweden describing a “high-tech office” in Stockholm which requires its employees to receive microchip implants that would enable them access the building, among other functions. (An employee who refused to sign on to such a device in West Virginia, US in 2012 was forced to retire from the Consol Energy/Consolidation Coal Co after 35 years of service. A court has ruled this January that he should be compensated, but the case is expected to still drag on to appellate courts and so on.)

            While proponents of microchip implants stridently laud its many benefits, the other side of the coin is glibly brushed aside.   We have extensively discussed some of these downsides in past editions of CA! (e.g. see Vol 10 No 4).  These include the fact that not only can the mind of the implanted person be monitored, it can actually be controlled and taken over remotely. Watch a recent youtube video on the subject matter here

            As the journey to these barely-hidden end-time agenda continue, even basic household items are now being equipped with monitoring facilities.  Basic items like the SmartTV  could now be used to monitor its environment and send audio and video images, over the internet to remote locations, thus spying against its owner.  A few years ago, we reported the true story in the US where Laptops given to pupils for use at home during a holiday period were remotely switched on and used to monitor the homes of the pupils.

A recent article by Michael Snyder addresses the issue closely.  Titled, The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet, the article first describes the current state of things where vehicles, “smart homes”, refrigerators, televisions, etc are being used to spy on the owners.  It then  goes ahead to ask the very important question: “What if we rapidly reach a point where one must be connected to the Internet in order to function in society? Will there come a day when we can’t even do basic things such as buy, sell, get a job or open a bank account without it? “   It describes such a situation as a dystopian nightmare!
            Meanwhile various situations kept cropping up, making it appear only reasonable (in the absence of other response to the situations) to demand that people mandatorily carry monitoring devices on their own bodies.  Two of the more well-known recent cases are cited below.
First is the video of the shooting of a black man in the back, as he tried to escape a white law officer in the US in April.  In what took inter-racial relations to a new ugly low in that country,  Walter L Scott was shot 8 times while trying to escape after being stopped for traffic check.  Before the video of the shooting surfaced, the case had virtually settled, along the line that  Officer Michael Slager shot in self-defence!  The case has now ended up strengthening the call that police officers in that country must wear body cameras to record all their actions while on duty.  It will be only a short gap thereafter, extending the calls that policemen and military personnel be mandatorily implanted with microchips which will not only monitor them, but will also protect them and offer several other functions.  Of course, such calls have been made in the past. See Behold I come Quickly, Book 1
Similarly, the world was stunned as information emerged piece-by-piece, of how co-pilot of GermanwingsFlight 9525 airline sought opportunity and locked the pilot out of the cockpit, before deliberately crashing the plane killing 150 people, including many children in the  French Alps.  What many did not realize is that pilots deliberately crashing planes is, unfortunately, not quite a novel act.  A general list of suicide pilots incidences, some quite similar to the Germanwings incident are tabulated at .(Several cases are disputed as being suicidal, including Egyptian air Flight 990 of 31st October 1999 where the first officer crashed the aircraft into the ocean soon after the Captain left the cockpit. He was heard repeatedly saying in Arabic, "I rely on God". 217 people died in the incident which the official bodies recorded as due to mechanical failure.)  And so, again, we have another clear example where a microchip implant would be very helpful in not only monitoring such personnel in high-risk, high-stakes security situations, but also in bringing them under control of the central command, if necessary. Hmm!

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