Monday, May 11, 2015

Holy Altar constructed for 3rd Jewish Temple

Thick excitement is building up within the observant Jewish community as the Temple Institute announced in March the completion of the Altar of the Lord.  The altar which the Institute fervently believes will be used in actual sacrifices in a re-built Jewish Temple in the not-too-distant future is essentially “ready for use” after several years of construction. The Lord Jesus categorically stated that at the end-times, the Temple would be rebuilt and sacrifices made on the Altar (Mathew 13:14).  He further reinforced the prophesy of Daniel  (Daniel 9:27) that the antichrist will defile the Altar (presumably), probably by sacrificing a pig on it, as did by one of his fore-runners, Antiochus Epiphanes ( in 2nd Century BC.
But some Jews can’t seem to wait for Temple to be re-built or the Holy Altar commissioned before sacrificing their Pesach lambs on Mount Moriah, the ancient Temple site.  On Friday April 3 the Noam Federman and his son were arrested as they attempted bringing a lamb onto the Temple Mount to sacrifice as a Passover offering (see Arrested for a Pesach Sacrifice).
It took 46 years building the Temple of Herod’s time (John 2:21).  Don’t expect anything that long for the rebuilding of the forthcoming Temple when the time comes.  A Chinese company is currently basking in the euphoria of putting up a 57 storey skyscrapper in 19 days, from start to finish (!

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