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Barack Hussein Obama champions the New World Order

What the likes of Bill Gates in the business world are forcefully pushing and sponsoring, the likes of Barack Obama are actively championing and implementing in government.
At his ascendance to the US Presidency in 2008, we wrote  that while we do not believe Obama to be the coming antichrist, nevertheless, we expect him to play a major role in preparing the way of that coming charismatic world leader. (  This is now clearly evident as Barack Obama enters the last half of his 2nd term.
Typical of lame-duck presidents, Obama knows he isn’t coming back seeking re-election.  But he seems to be taking his ”the-ring-is-already-in-the-finger” attitude to unprecedented levels. Ruling by executive orders, akin to decrees, Obama vetoes  the US Congress whenever he can, and stokes all manners of fires - including racial and immigration, in order to create tension and checkmate opposition. 
Considering the various actions of  Barack Obama within the United States, Rev Franklin Graham was forced to conclude that the mission of Obama in government is to force "a new morality" on the American people, a "morality that does not include God" and which is "an Anti-Christ movement"
 In an article titled ”the WHY of Obama”, Dave Macy concurred with Rev Graham, but warned that nobody should take Obama for a fool.  He may be cunning, devious, easily given to retribution, a monstrous ideologue, an Islamic terrorist denier, and a socialist at heart. But he is not stupid.”  Macy concludes that Obama is actually a tool in the hands of higher powers, “an accomplice” rather than a leader.
But Obama is bent on changing the entire world, not just the US.  Granted, the US must be brought down on her knees before the global governance agenda can succeed (see The Die Is Cast, The United States Versus The United Nations, CA! Vol 6 No 2),  As succinctly put by Michael Goodwin (in the New York Post of March 22, 2015)  Barack Obama’s promise to transform America was too modest.  He is transforming the whole world before our eyes.  Do you see it yet?”  (see The Whole World Needs to Beware of Barack Obama)
Mr Obama’s present pre-occupation, clearly, is to use the platform afforded him as the President of the United States to mould the world the way he and his globalist club members would have things be. He appears urgent to want to make the most of his remaining tenure, stomping all over the globe from Canada to Cuba, from Venezuela to Nigeria.  But his bitterest battle (and chiefest interest) is in the Middle East, where he struggled unsuccessfully to unseat Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu from Prime Ministerialship, as well as cut a crazy nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama makes no secret he is all out to prepare the way for his master, the antichrist to come.
Obama’s very desperate efforts to remove Benjamin Netanyahu’s from office during the last Israeli’s election was absolutely blatant and crude; but thankfully it ended up in utter humiliating failure.  These efforts have been well documented. (see  for our short compilation).
Obama’s One Voice International professional mass manipulation campaign team members were also very active during Nigeria’s elections, and they are known to also be currently active in Canada, ahead of the October 19 polls. (See
One obvious common factor linking Nigeria’s and Canada’s elections is the cozy relationships between the incumbent presidents of both Nations and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. This is how the above-cited article in Canada Free Press explains Obama’s interest in the Canadian election:
To the U.S., Canada is the country next door, to Obama it’s home of the architects of the maligned Keystone XL Pipeline and home to the world’s Number One elected defender of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”
 As for Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan, his close rapport with Israel is vividly demonstrated not only by his unprecedented two pilgrimages/working visits to Israel, but more importantly, by Nigeria’s ‘unimaginable’ refusal to rubberstamp the Palestinian’s call for criminalization of  Israel’s presence at the holy sites of Jerusalem  at the UN last December (see )
Describing that particular action as “a pivotal foreign policy shift,” THISDAY newspaper went on to quote Palestinian officials as saying: “It is a shock for us, why they abstained, only Nigerian officials know, and you would have to ask them. We needed nine votes and eight countries ….voted for us. It is a sad day for us. Nigeria had recognised the state of Palestine since 1988…”
One does not have to be a psychologist to gauge how Obama received that decision by Goodluck Jonathan.
The unrelenting antagonism of Obama against Nigeria eventually led to Nigeria’s open declaration at the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that the US President was acting just short of openly jeopardizing Nigeria’s interest – at least with respect to the Boko Haram issue. (Which was virtually the number 1 campaign issue during the presidential elections.)   Weeks later, Benjamin Netanyahu also demonstrated utter desperation by appealing to the US Congress to checkmate President Obama and force US policy on the issue of nuclear Iran.  Obama was livid at both instances, but these traumatized leaders virtually had no choice other than damn the consequences and appeal directly to the American people.  It is crystal clear to all that Obama’s brigandage actions were not necessarily in the interest of his country, but in line with his greater personal agenda of preparing the grounds for a New World Order.
Even now, the battle is far from concluded.  But so far, it can be surmised that Obama has lost out “gallantly” in Israel. Not only did his “anyone else but Netanyahu” campaign fail, he has been badly exposed in a light he would have wished many don’t see him.
We believe Obama also lost out in Nigeria, though his candidate and ally of many years won the election.  Certainly Nigeria won, being spared the bloodbath that would have inevitably arisen had GMB not won.  While GEJ was able (thanks particularly to his pre-emptive actions) to appease the  threatened wraths of the likes of Asari Dokubo, it is clear GMB would not, even if he wanted, have been able to restrain his followers, who are not in formal organized groupings like the Niger Delta folks.
Why, even while celebrating their victory, over fifty  of them managed to get themselves killed, mostly smilimg their way out of the planet, having seen their ultimate desire come to pass!
However, GEJ was also a clear winner.  The story told during the April Holy Ghost Service at the Redemption Camp by Pastor Damilare Adeboye of his childhood experience, probably is prophetic of GEJ.  Lost out locally to a moslem guy pitted against him in unfair circumstances, the then young Oluwadamilare Adeboye went on to attain by God’s grace, similar office in far more prestigious circumstances.  One does not have to be a prophet to see international recognitions as well as increased local relevance coming the way of GEJ after May 29.  Far more than he probably could have dreamt of, had he remained in office for another 4 years.
Of course General Buhari also won big time.  After four democratic attempts at the Presidency, he hopefully has learnt a few critical lessons.  We wish him good speed and success as he tries to etch his own name too in the golden book of history. Surely, whatever the Obamas of the world might have actually intended or calculated, the election result is a win-win-win situation for Nigeria. And we are not even considering here the little-mentioned but tremendous implications of having a spirit-filled child of God as the Vice President!
General Muhammadu Buhari’s strong, long-term partnership with Barack Obama is evident in the fact that he was one of the only two Africans invited to Obama’s inauguration in 2009, in their private personal capacity.  We can be sure however that Buhari, (at 72 for that matter!), is his own man, and will certainly not give in to Obama on issues like gay marriage or liberal abortion.  However, how he responds to Obama’s sure-to-come pressure requesting antagonism of Israel will depend on the counter-pressure from within the country.  And in this regard, the Church must stay fully alert.
Nigeria cannot afford to fall on the wrong side of God’s plan for Israel as the final countdown to the end of all things rolls along. Israel remains the apple of God’s eye and her place in end time schemes, especially as the Church prepares for the Rapture, is well secured in Scriptures (see Zech. 2:8, Gen 12:3, Rom 11:25-27, Rev 12:13-14, etc).   Patriots like Pastor Bosun Emmanuel had been warning that issues such as these might be more important considerations during the Nigeria’s election –  more than bread and butter issues.  And even now, post elections, they remain very crucial.
Postscript: Israel will be 67 years old as a nation come May 14, 2015. In actual fact, the 67th Anniversary of Israel on the Jewish calendar this year fell on April 24. On that date, Joel Rosenberg wrote a masterpiece article recounting some little-known details of Israel’s declaration of statehood, indicating clear hand of God at work.  The historical portion of the article, culled from Rosenberg’s 2012 book, Implosion,. is re-posted on our blog here.

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