Monday, May 11, 2015

Imminent tumultuous changes in the Catholic Church, pointer to coming new One World Religion

Pope Francis seems to be giving credence to such prophecies as that of St Malachy, proclaiming that  a tough future awaits the catholic church and that he (Pope Francis) would be the last to hold that office. Not only is the Pontiff predicting that his tenure is about to end , he actually expects to be assassinated!
Now, who could want to do that?

Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of candidates itching to do something that dastard.  Within the catholic church itself, there is a growing number of die-hard catholics who consider the Pope’s liberal moves total anathema.  Literally being more catholic than the Pope!  Especially touchy is the Pope’s new attitude towards divorce, and re-marriage.  Where he seems set to reform the old catholic rule that bars divorced people in a new relationships from taking the Holy Communion.  Similarly the Pope is said to consider the law on priestly celibacy to be ‘archaic’ and ‘not part of the doctrine of the Church‘.

 The Pope created much stirring among conservative catholics when he received in audience a transsexual – seeing as a tacit endorsement. The local priest had denounced the 48 year old woman–turned-man as ‘the devil’s daughter’ after the sex-swap.   According to the Pope’s childhood friend, Oscar Crespo, the Pope is very determined not to back out of these reforms he is set on. The opposition both from mainstream catholics and ultra-traditionalists (as in Brazil, France and elsewhere)  are also not relenting, and the big clash is expected to occur at a Synod on the Family set for October this year.

Then also are the external forces.  Chief of this is probably Islam, which has a long nurtured the dream of having Rome become the fourth holiest city of Islam (after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem) and the base from which Islam will conquer the Western world.  Your regular moslem in the neighborhood may not think much of such aspiration, but groups such as ISIS certainly do!  In fact, the Pope expects his assassination to come from some ISIS-like organization..
But if the claims of the internal dissenters are correct:  that the Pope is seeking to start his own religion, then he and ISIL might actually be working towards the same goal.  The goal of ushering in a new one world religion was fired up by Pope John Paul.  In such a new religion, every other religion has elements of truth to be embraced, as well as areas of dogmatism that must be discarded. It is such a religion, which will be headed by the false prophet (Rev 13:12-16) and demonstrating much signs and wonders that would eventually usher in the antichrist.  Unfolding events clearly pronounce that those evil days are literarily upon the world. The movement will probably become full-blown simultaneously with the rapture of the true Church.

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