Monday, May 11, 2015

Genetically Modified Foods: Replacing God with Man as Ultimate Source

“ And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Gen 1:12
Many continue to doubt the serious health hazards of GM foods especially as there are always smooth-talking experts  coming up to contradict other experts – all depending on who is sponsoring the research.  But really facts are facts, and no new research indicating ‘safety’ can actually nullify a previous one that demonstrated ‘hazard’, unless they are done in exactly replicable settings. This is most of the time impracticable.  At best, if both sides were truly honest (and can one really trust the multinationals?), then two conflicting results might help elucidate various susceptibility and other factors that are relevant to the generation of adverse health outcomes.
In any case, evidences continue to mount indicating genetically modified foods are not the magic wand for feeding the world, as many keep touting.  For instance, recent research from the US has implicated genetically modified soy as toxic to the kidneys, liver, and more. Whereas in that country, approximately 75 to 89% of the soy beans grown are genetically modified (GM).  (
What is beyond argument however is the obvious fact that GM foods will take ownership of foods from the hands of the masses into the hands of a few elites.  It is elementary to appreciate the fact that if a multinational company has spent years and billions of dollars developing a supposedly improved seedling, they shouldn’t be expected to give it out for a pittance to farmers who could then continue to use them year in year out without recourse back to the developer. 
But the whole point of the seed concept, as magnanimously given to Man by the almighty God, is that the wise individual can be self-sufficient with the correct use of the seed!  Genetically-modified seeds created in the lab have to be deliberately emasculated, so they cannot reproduce indefinitely, so as to protect the financial  investment of the developers.  In any case, due to inevitable inherent errors in the fiddling process, the seeds often cannot reproduce themselves for several generations in the first place.
All these have come to a head right now in Ghana, where the national Parliament, no doubts under tremendous external pressure, has given its support to the Plant Breeders Bill and many citizens have risen up in arms against the proposals. (see
Claiming to want to incentivize the development of new seed varieties and protect the intellectual property rights of biotech companies, the new legislation seeks to  restrict farmers from freely saving, swapping, and breeding seeds, as people have done from time immemorial, and which is the whole point about the seed concept anyway. Hefty fines await any farmer that grows any crop which seed has not been freshly procured in that year of planting.  Sounds absolutely crazy? But that is how the New world Order compels Society to follow unsustainable paths, guaranteed to produce the terrifying end-time conditions predicted in the book of Revelation.
In Ghana, many activists and trade groups are kicking vehemently against what has been dubbed the “Monsanto Law,”  so-named after the multinational Biotech company Monsanto, that is behind most GM foods globally. (
The Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen hit the nail directly in the head, stating: “This system aims to compel farmers to purchase seeds for every planting season.”
Drawing from experiences of farmers in other parts of the world, Duke Tagoe of Food Sovereignty Ghana   surmised:
 “The economic impact on the lives of farmers will be disastrous. . .The origin of food is seed. Whoever controls the seed control the entire food chain.”
According to Natural Society, the situation playing out in Ghana “ is no different than the “Monsanto Protection Act” (H.R. 933) that President Obama signed into law not long ago in the US, even as hordes of Americans urged him not to do so,” and “ is also linked to the UK support of the biotech take-over planned in Africa. “
Yet the worst impact of the foods is not just health or control issues, but the loss of the natural God-given varieties of seed, thus  setting up mankind for a shaky future.  It will take only a few years of circulating  modified “improved” seeds, procured each planting season from the “Central Control,” before  the original varieties soon disappear from general use.  In our 2008 article, we reported on one man who is dutifully storing up the natural varieties of seeds in a high-tech seed vault in remote location on the Arctic.  Yes, it is the same guy behind flooding the world with the GM varieties, Mr Bill Gates.  (see
Some of the famines and plagues predicted in the book of Revelations during the reign of the antichrist might as well be consequences of replacing natural seeds with genetically-modified ones.  Rev 6:6, 11:18 talk about God’s righteous judgement on those who destroy the earth.

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