Monday, September 3, 2018

Leadership brouhaha within the Christian Association of Nigeria

During the visit of Pastor Bosun Emmanuel to Ile-Ife for the Campus Endtime Conference, he narrated at a private discussion with key leaders, the serious efforts being made by the present Islamic government in Nigeria to control the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria.  Part of the intricate story was that the late Secretary, Dr Musa Asake was intensely lobbied to resign from the office to pave way for the government’s candidate to become the President when that top office became vacant. Both Asake and that candidate are from the same bloc of CAN and therefore could not both hold the two strategic offices.  Rev. Asake stoically refused all the juicy offers, and elected to remain in faithful service to the Church, as long as the people wanted him in office.  There is no doubt that his eventual demise, less than a fortnight after he had resisted efforts to frustrate a CAN-approved open demonstration to draw attention to ongoing genocide against Christians, which he eventually led, was strongly connected with the struggles to keep the leadership of the CAN truly committed to the Church.
Days before he died, Rev Asake shared with his close confidantes, including Pastor Bosun, that the pains and pressure in his heart, arising from his burden for the Church, were becoming unbearable and he would wish to return to the Lord to rest. At his demise, it took the grace of God to convince the family to rescind its decision rejecting any formal involvement of the CAN at the burial!
Church Arise! believes that current imbroglio within the leadership of the CAN at the national level is the manifestation of implanted seeds of discord and satanic buffeting of the leaders, by interests who cannot afford to see a strong united Christian body in the nation.  The challenges facing the CAN are peculiar and enormous; and her composition is diverse and complicated.  Rather than condemnation, the current leaders need our prayers and support for them to see through the strategies of the enemies, and close ranks for the sake of Christ in Nigeria.

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