Monday, September 3, 2018

And the Embassy moved to Jerusalem – right on schedule too!

Not minding threats of fire and brimstone from the avowed enemies of Zion, the almighty God calmly and surely accomplished what He promised to do for His beloved nation, at exactly the appointed time.  Exactly on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth as a nation in Eretz Israel, the position of Jerusalem as her capital city was divinely affirmed.  On that date, 14th May, 2018, the United States of America moved her embassy to Jerusalem.  Everybody knew the implications of that! It was a similar recognition given by the United States for the announced Jewish State, that had manifestly marked the re-birth of Israel on the same date in 1948.  
Nobody could have contemplated such an event just a year ago on the tails of the extensive antichrist-fuelled global animosity generated against Israel during the Obama administration.  Even when President Donald Trump made the earth-shaking announcement on December 6, 2017 that he would be moving the embassy, no one – most likely not even he himself – imagined it could become a reality in just six months, right on time to meet divine schedules. Some top Bible teachers now say they are done with looking out for signs of the end-times   they have moved on to expectantly waiting to hear the sound of the Trump!
The icing on the cake for us in Nigeria on this matter of Jerusalem, is that despite all the pressure of Islamism to claim Nigeria as theirs, we were among the 33 nations formally represented at the Embassy opening.  Even though the current administration evidently did not like the decision, (even attempting to deny it happened), it was compelled by the Power from above to so act.  And that Governor among the nations will certainly have His way in the current titanic battle to restructure Nigeria so it might fulfil her end-time mandate.
While staying tuned for the next moves of God, we encourage you to step into the action.  You may wish to partner with Church Arise! on any of our nation-building initiatives reported in this edition (see page 1).

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