Monday, September 3, 2018

InterVarsity’s New Intiatives seeks Christian fellowship for all major US Colleges in 12 years

Meanwhile, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has launched a new initiative that seeks to bring Christian fellowships to all major college campuses in the United States in the next 12 years. By InterVarsity estimates, there are some 2,500 college campuses that have over 1,000 students in the United States; but only about 47 per cent of these have a known campus ministry presence.  InterVarsity also reckons that of the “just under 20 million students attending college in America in 2018,.. about one-third have no religious affiliation and many are looking for answers to the problems and struggles they face.”
Consequently, the Fellowship has come up with the  "2030 Calling" initiative which will ensure that there is a campus fellowship at every one of those places.  Explaining the importance of this initiative, Greg Jao, Intervarsity director of external relations told The Christian Post: "Reaching today's college students and introducing them to the Gospel and helping them to follow Jesus not only changes their lives but changes the trajectory of our country over decades.” This is because, “today's college students represent the leaders in our churches, government, businesses and nonprofits of tomorrow."
The InterVarsity is not necessarily interested in planting her flag on every one of those campuses though. According to InterVarsity President, Tom Lin, “it's about declaring God's glory on every campus." He explained further: "We believe the Lord can use us, in partnership with others,[including alumni, volunteers and churches] to bring a powerful movement of the Spirit among a new generation of students and faculty;” as well as mobilize millions to pray.”
"Our deep conviction is that every student at every university and every faculty member at every university deserves an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a compelling, passionate and personal way from somebody that they know. ….The best way to do that is to make sure that there is a campus fellowship at every one of those places."    Read details here.

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