Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ray Yungen gone to be with the Lord

It is shocking learning a few moments ago that Ray Yungen has passed on to eternity.  When the Lighthouse posted news of his admission to hospital for cancer treatment, about a week or two ago,  the impression was that it was one of the benign cancers quite amenable to medical treatment.  Ray Yungen has been a tremendous blessing to the Body of Christ in exposing efforts of the New Age movement to creep in and contaminate the Church.  This without any doubt is one of the major battle fronts in the endtime conflict.  Church Arise! thanks the Lord for the life and ministry of Ray, and look forward to our re-union together at the soon-coming Rapture.
Below is the announcement from the LightHouse Trails:
Dear Lighthouse Trails friends:
On Sunday morning, October 16, 2016, Lighthouse Trails author Ray Yungen passed away (peacefully and without pain) due to complications of a recent cancer treatment. Lighthouse Trails editors David and Deborah Dombrowski had traveled to Oregon at his request on Saturday and were with him when he passed.
Ray will be greatly missed by many. We thank you for your prayers for him during his brief sickness these past few weeks. We know Ray is with the Lord whom he loved so dearly.
You may get updated information about Ray, including his obituary and information about a possible memorial service, by visiting his site at later this week.
You may also contact us at the e-mail address below.
We will be posting tributes from Lighthouse Trails readers and others who knew Ray or were ministered to by his work in contending for the faith in the near future on his website. If you would like to write a tribute, please e-mail it to the e-mail address below.
The Editors at Lighthouse Trails


Sonia Blondefaith said...

I recently discovered Ray Yungen's ministries/seminars through YouTube videos and I am saddened (for us) to hear of his passing. Thankful for the research and time he put into discernment ministry. May many listen and not depart from the faith. Blessings ��

Unknown said...

Agnes Giroux
Thank you God for Ray Yungen's ministries at exposing deception in the Church . I am so sadden to hear of his passing. He will be greatly missed. I just recently viewed his youtube videos and has answered many questions I have had regarding new age deception .....
Thank you so much God for this ministry that will continue to expose departing from the faith.....