Friday, October 21, 2016

In Sudan, Christian Workers arrested for tarnishing Islamist Regime’s image.

Two pastors of the Sudan Church of Christ (SSOC) arrested in December last year have finally been arraigned in Court in September.  The Rev. Kwa Shamaal and the Rev. Hassan Abdelrahim Tawor, are charged with trying to tarnish the image of Sudan’s government by collecting information on persecution of Christians and on genocide in the Nuba Mountains. Charged together with them is Petr Jasek, a Czech aid worker who is interested in details of Christian persecution in Nuba.  The government is currently fighting an insurgency in the region, and the additional charges of  collecting information for “other parties hostile to Sudan.” carries a death sentence. According to the Morning Star News, the evidences presented by the state security is so paltry and frivolous; and it is clear to all observers that  the arrests only “serve the Sudanese government as a warning to others against criticizing the Islamist regime”

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