Friday, October 21, 2016


One of the fastest ways to make an enemy in the US today would be to indicate support for one candidate or the other in the Presidential elections scheduled for 8th November.  Things are so bad that quite a number of people are actually predicting the elections would not be allowed to hold!
Hillary Clinton is trying to make history as the first woman to hold the highest political office in the US (and the entire planet).  She narrowly lost to incumbent President Obama 8 years ago, and served as his Secretary of State in the first term before resigning to prepare for her campaign for the Presidency this time around.  A liberal to the core, Hillary has a history of supporting policies that the common folks tend to (rightly or wrongly) applaud.  She however gained tremendous respect and affection of people all over the world in her handling the notorious affairs between her husband, then President Bill Clinton and a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky in 1998. Ordinarily, it would have been a great pleasure supporting such a candidate.  The flip side of her candidacy is however rooted in the fact that she is obviously an “Establishment” candidate.  It is very clear that all the US Presidential candidates from the two major political parties have been those pushed forward by the globalist New World Order establishment.  Indeed, as we pointed out before, but for the 8 year-interregnum that President Obama represents, the Presidency of the US in the last 32 years has shifted to-and-fro been between two families - the Bush and the Clintons.  That would probably extend another 8 years if Hillary wins this November.  After that some Bush should be ready to take over.  So much for democracy! 
The implication of being an establishment candidate is that the globalist agenda would be followed to the hilt.  America must continue to lose its sovereignty and liberal moral-neutral values, unreasonable deferments to Islamism and global terror, anti-semitism, etc must intensify.  Other issues weighing strongly against Hillary’s candidacy include issues with her health, and the ruthlessness that has seen a steady stream of people who threaten to expose her dirty linens, mysteriously ending up assassinated..  The stakes are truly unprecedented.
Mr Trump’s strength is predicated on being the opposite of Hillary Clinton.  First, very clearly, he is a candidate not anticipated by the globalist establishment.  As a matter of fact, there was intense campaign by globalists all over the world to ensure he did not emerge the candidate for his Party; but the nerves he stirs up are too deep for a vast number of Americans to ignore.  He won the Republican nomination and is doing fairly well in the national polls as at the present time.
But again, just as Hillary Clinton is desperate to please her masters back-stage, Trump also has to continually stoke the rage in his anti-establishment right-wingers supporters.  At a point, Trump declared he would restrict all moslems from entering the US.  (He later back-pedalled somewhat). It is evident that just like in Christianity (unfortunately), most moslems are only so in name!  It would therefore be quite an extreme measure placing a blanket ban on all who go by that label.  Of course Islamist stealth aggression is a tremendous problem for the US, and the current gloves-in-hand treatment being used in handling it by the current US administration has provoked an outrage that could make such an extreme suggestion by a major presidential candidate quite welcome among a significant fraction of America’s citizenry!  Other factors standing against Mr Trump, who would be the oldest president to be elected, (if he wins), include history of aggressive business deal (possibly even with Russian partners – conflicting personal and national interests), and a history of shameful sleaze dealings with women, not too different from Bill Clinton’s. As the D-day to elections approaches, Russia is demonstrating a near-desperation to see to it that Trump wins – to the point of declaring that nuclear exchange is inevitable in the event that Clinton wins!  That sounded like Obama’s threatening the UK in his desperation to prevent a Brexit.
In our opinion, the worst side of this story for America is that the two polarized segments of the American society have convinced themselves that the other party is bent on rigging the election, and that whatever it takes, including violence, the other party must be stopped.  Readers in Africa know exactly what the rallying cry to “protect your votes” means!  It is the perfect recipe for calamity of monumental proportions.  This is one of the reasons some informed commentators are expressing doubts the election might be allowed to hold at all.  Perhaps the incumbent President would instigate some major trouble somewhere in the world – such as ongoing face-off with Russia, which would necessitate some emergency measures, (including postponement of the elections) being clamped on the country.  Whatever be the case, it’s only a matter of weeks before the bubbles burst.  It is amazing that in this one of the most definitive moments in the history of the planet, a vast majority of the inhabitants have gone lethargic and are entirely occupied with the pursuit of some personal parochial agenda.

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