Friday, October 21, 2016

Oregon Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake for Gay Couple Closes

In Vol 18 No 1, we reported the story of Aaron and Melisa Klein owners of the bakery business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa.  The Kleins were slapped with a hefty $130,000 fine for their refusal to bake a cake to celebrate a “wedding” by two lesbians, Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman.  The fine was quickly paid off in full, thanks to concerned citizens sending in donations to assist.  However efforts by the Kleins to re-establish Sweet Cakes continued to be strenuously resisted by the Homosexual lobby, whose major passion, as we wrote previously, is to ruin businesses that refuse to sell-out on their Christian conviction.  On Oct 5., the Kleins announced in a Facebook posting that they were closing down Sweet Cakes.   See the videos in this post to watch several homosexual bakeries refuse to bake cakes with traditional marriage theme on it.  And no one is talking! Read more at .

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