Friday, October 21, 2016

Islamists plod on with arrogant agenda, oblivious of the God of Heaven, the God of Nigeria

In the past few editions, we have had to point attention to the pure arrogance with which Islamists deeply entrenched within the Nigerian Presidency are manipulating appointments into key sectors within the country. We pointed out the virtual total take-over of the Security and Education sectors together with the Civil Service. 

             Further appointments since made in the various parastatals have only seen the same pattern being repeated; and there is probably no point rehashing them here again.  There is also the curious coincidence that current war against corruption within the Judiciary should begin at the commencement of the process for the selection of a new Chief Justice of the Federation.  As pointed out by notable government critic, Chief Fani-Kayode, one of the Supreme Court Justices arrested gestapo-style and simultaneously tried and condemned on the news media by the Department of State Security, was actually “next in line” to be the Chief Justice of the Federation! He happens to be a Southern non-moslem.  Of course this is not to make case for corrupt public officials to be spared their just recompenses, only that not only must due process be followed, the entire operations must not be sectional. [Happily the issue of the appointment of the CJ seems now to have been resolved – most likely, thanks to the intense national furore the DSS operations generated.  

           It suffices to note at this juncture that even within Islamic circles, increasingly louder murmurings are emerging that not only are the appointments sectional, they are actually revolving around a particular clique. (  Clearly, the supposed powers behind the throne of Nigeria are being inspired towards turning Nigeria into one of the Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc, where certain closely-connected Islamic families call ALL the shots.  As we were going to press with this article, there came yet another interesting angle to the issue of appointments in the Buhari administration.  This time around, it was the wife of the President herself lamenting the calibre of people in her husband’s government!  According to Mrs Aisha Buhari in the now famous BBC interview, contrary to the impression that the President was only choosing for appointment those people he knew very well and is comfortable with, as many of 90% of the appointees so far, were actually “forced” on the President by his Islamist handlers.

            As we have pointed out before, while Christians must certainly be much more alert and discerning than we currently are, there is really no cause for alarm.  The Almighty God is fully in control of affairs in Nigeria, and He can be trusted in His doings.  As an Israeli police officer confided in Mosab Hassan Yousef, (the son of Hamas leader who actively spied for Israel for several years as related in the book Son of Hamas) “the Palestinians are their own worst enemies.”  The same is certainly true of Islamists, not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. They simply have no sense of moderation, and will not stop until they go over the precipice. Mrs Aisha Buhari apparently shares this same opinion with us.  However she was specific that trouble might come more from the people who actually fought and voted to get the President into office, as they are feeling the marginalization far more than the regular Nigerian.  According to Mrs Buhari: “What I am afraid for is the rebellion of 15 million people.”   

             Take the situations at Egypt for example.  After finding itself in the seat of power in 2012, the Moslem Brotherhood went ahead to arrogantly push ahead with blatantly Islamist’s agenda, such that even in a predominantly moslem country, the people were forced to revolt and compel a re-structuring.  Not only is ex-President Morsi currently languishing in jail, the head of the Islamist’s Moslem Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie was sentenced for execution.  The fallouts are still ongoing.  Just at press time, one of the top shots of the MB was killed in a shoot-out with Egyptian police in Cairo on October 3.
           We have previously reported on similar backlashes to Islamism in United States, Europe, and even Asia.  The backlashes intensified this September, as “right-wingers” in the United States burned down a Mosque in Florida on the anniversary of the 9-11 bombings.  Furthermore, for the first time ever in his eight-year tenure, President Obama’s veto of a decision of the Congress was roundly overturned by the Congress, across Party lines.  It had to do with angry Americans demanding the right to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for roles played in the 9-11 bombing, fifteen years ago. The point we make is that if the Islamists think they can just continue to ride roughshod on people, perhaps encouraged by some Islamic marabouts who guarantee they could perpetually keep the people under some spell, they should think again.

           In Nigeria, as we pointed out in Vol 19 Qtr 1, the major public face of Islamism is Mallam Nasir El Rufai, governor of Kaduna state.  Not only is he pushing the altogether unreasonable Anti-Religious Preaching Bill in his home state, he is also at the forefront of the idea for the forceful acquisition of lands from indigenous people for Fulani herdsmen for their ranches all across the country. But his nemesis, which is only just beginning, might as well be neither  Christians nor secularists as he apparently has been preparing for; but his fellow co-religionists, the absolutely implacable Shiites moslems.  We will see how far he is able to “ruthlessly” deal with these as he is threatening to do.  Of course he also has to contend with the earthquakes and tremors (this time, physical) in his state, in addition to the larger national issues he is totally embroiled with, in pursuant of his touted aspiration to be the next President of Nigeria after the current incumbent. 

            But, even without any external foe or revolt, left to himself, the Islamist has full capability to self-destruct.  Consider the policy summersaults associated with Islamists’ trying to prove who exactly is in charge, and playing-out of their barely-hidden brazen Sharia scripts.  As we mentioned before, there was the directive, in the early days of PMB’s presidency, that all military check-points designed to check the incursions of Boko Haram be summarily dismantled. The directive was to be hurriedly reversed days later.  There have also been mild issues as to what days to pronounce as public holidays for celebration of moslem festivals; to the more serious economic issues such as whether or not to devalue the national currency. But far more serious are issues such as the Presidential “directive” that crude oil must be found in the Nigerian side of the Chad-basin – thus diverting enormous resources to a will-o-the-wisp at a time the nation is battling with a recession and the government itself is talking of diversifying the economy away from Oil. Or the non-abating menace of the Fulani herdsmen as they continue to ravage farmlands nationwide with impunity – at a time government is talking of encouraging more farming!  Or even of more dire consequences: the issue of how exactly to engage the Niger Delta Militants or Biafra agitators, etc, etc. The apparently sacrosanct and infrangible directives of the Islamists on these issues constitute absolute nightmares for the average public officer struggling to do his/her job professionally and patriotically.

          If only Islamists in Nigeria were a little more discerning, they would understand that the incident of Islamists unwittingly burning their kinsmen to death in Zamfara state in lieu of a young Christian man (see page *) is actually an omen, of the Mordecai-Haman sort (see Esther 6:13) 

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