Friday, October 21, 2016

Christian Teacher Fired for Not Divorcing Husband Wins in British Court

         Sarah Pendleton was devastated when Mathew, her husband of 13 years was accused, arrested, and convicted for voyeurism and downloading of indecent pictures of children. She took a leave off her work to spend time with her parents and get over the trauma. However, convinced of her husband’s genuine repentance, she re-united with Mathew, as they both try to rebuild their home in line with Biblical principles.
       However, Sarah’s employers at the elementary school in Derbyshire, England where was a well-respected teacher took serious exception to Sarah’s decision not to divorce Mathew, who is a de facto child abuser.  She was relieved of her job!  Head teacher, Jan Seymour tries to justify this bizarre decision: “By making a choice to continue a relationship with her husband in full knowledge of the offenses he has admitted to, [Sarah’s] actions do not uphold the trust in the profession,”
     The school’s human resources director further buttressed this position, declaring in an email: “As long as she stands by her husband, the LA [Local Authority] has a clear view that she is not suitable to be a teacher.”
      Thankfully, the Courts think otherwise, and after a protracted proceedings, Sarah has been restored to her position – with a yet to be decided amount of financial compensation.

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