Friday, October 21, 2016

Germany Planning to spearhead European Army

In the last edition, we drew attention to Brexit as a direct consequence of the floodgates of events unleashed at the commencement of the long-awaited year 5776 in September 2015. (see September 2015, and also Brexit).  We further wrote that nobody can predict exactly the aftermaths to Brexit, and that those aftermaths “will have significant implications on the timing of the return of the Lord Jesus, and the preceding Rapture.”
One of the scenarios we painted, indeed the one with the most serious implications for the planet, was that “the globalists would throw away all camouflage, and push to have their one world government here and now!”    That would occur with a rapid unfolding of a Europe-based superstate, the ultimate goal the EU had been trying all along to achieve via stealth, caution and coercions.  Now that scenario is fast turning to reality with the news that Germany is spearheading the creation if its own “EU Army”, without waiting for the consent of either Brussels (the official headquarter of the EU) or NATO (the strong military alliance that had bond the Western nations together for decades).  This implies both defiance and a sense of urgency on the part of Germany, which is evidently licking the wounds to her prestige in the wake of Brexit and the general failure of her policy on moslem (and possibly Islamist) migrants. The idea Germany is working hard at, is to position itself as the military leader “of a coalition of EU countries which would no longer take orders from NATO” and might even “not necessarily even be part of an official EU army.”  As reported by Breitbart, Angela Merkel had ordered that a German defense white paper giving details of the proposed military architecture be kept under wraps until after the British referendum vote on June 23.
But this seems to be the wrong time for Germany to be setting out on high-level military adventurism.  Her last effort in that direction led straight into World War II.  Currently, right wingers neo-nazis are fast gaining supports and grounds in a country where the general citizenry is getting frustrated by the extra-soft policies of Angela Merkel on the migrant issues (an apparently inexplicable sudden change of attitudes, actually – see CA! Vol 19 Qtr.1).  Many observers, reportedly Britain inclusive, are not comfortable with all this development. 

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