Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Can Abort Babies Up to Birth in Canada, But Activists Want “Animal Charter of Rights”

With the above title, Wesley J. Smith of Ottawa, Canada |on 12th December, decries  the proposed rights of animals being pushed by activists in Canada.  Extracts  from the proposed “Animal Charter of Rights and Freedom”:
1. Animals have the right to have their interests represented in court.
2. Animals are persons under the law.
3. Animals have the right to be free from pain, injury or disease.
4. Animals have the right to be free from abuse and neglect.
5. Animals have the right to be free from fear, and emotional and psychological distress.
Additionally, animals living in the wild have the right to enjoy a clean and ecologically sound natural habitat, free from human intervention or exploitation.
The requirements of this proposed Charter are close to those required of Nations by those campaigning against so-called human-fuelled global warming. Wesley J. Smith, J.D., a bioethics attorney,  blogs at Human Exeptionalism.
As pointed out  by the Thomas More Law Center during a friend-of-the Court submission on homosexual marriages, our sophisticated society might soon arrive at the point where humans and animals could well demand the “rights” to be joined together in matrimony!

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