Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Western countries merely paying lip service to Human rights

Meanwhile the UN Committee Against Torture in its recently released report has expressed concerns about human rights records in the United States.  The Panel was specifically addressing issues of police brutality, torture, and excessive use of force by law enforcement officials.  However, as we will report in the next edition of CA!, the seriously lopsided figures of abortion among the poor (black) population, not to talk of the continued use of mercury-preserved vaccines exclusively for those population who rely on government-health insurance for the vaccines in that country, etc (see last edition of CA! Vol 17 Q2) are as despicable as any human rights violation can be.
             With such an attitude to her own citizens at home, is it any wonder that the killing of civilians abroad in places like Yemen or Afghanistan – either by troops or drones – means very little to the American government?  It is when it comes to Nigeria (or Israel), that the Americans suddenly remember that even implacable brutal sworn enemies are humans with inalienable rights!
Other western democracies are not left out of the hypocritical charades.  For instance, with the recent approval of a new British military base in Bahrain, the UK has seemingly become blind to human rights issues in that country.  And even within the United Kingdom itself, as the horrible spectacle of insane Islam –inspired insurgency becomes more real, “human rights” is gradually being consigned to the back benches.  For instance, the Home Office is currently frantically fast-tracking the new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill through the Parliament. With the Bill, British citizens who show sympathy for ISIS could have their national passports confiscated and have their physical movements and access to internet restricted.  Anything can happen to such folks thereafter. Various versions of similar bills are being drafted in other western countries.
         Are these measures reasonable? Absolutely! But if they are reasonable in the US and in Europe, so also must they be in Nigeria.  And in Israel!
         If only the western democracies will understand that the Nigerian victims of Boko Haram insurgency, now in their thousands, are human beings too!  And rather than keep on encouraging the barely-hidden sponsors of insurgency in Nigeria with meaningless hypocritical political statements, they should take concrete noble actions to end the carnages. For instance the master-mind of the Nyanya bus terminal bombing that killed and maimed scores, Ogwuchi, had been previously arrested by the security forces.  He was released after strident cries from western-funded NGOs defending his “human rights.”
But terrorism (as New World Order masterminds who are exploiting the phenomenon are very well aware) is a global issue that cannot be restricted to only certain geographical borders. The genie is already out of the bottle, and there is little hope that the nations will be able to do what is required to deal with the problem. Sin and rebellion against God is at the bottom of it all, and as things are, it is left for each individual to escape for dear life by boarding the only available Ark of salvation – Jesus Christ! (See Acts 4:12)

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