Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In Kenya, Al-Shabab gunmen slay 28 bus passengers who could not recite Islamic creed

On Saturday November 22, Islamic insurgents affiliated with Al Shabab stopped a bus along the highway about 50 kilometres outside the town of Mandera, near the Somali border in northeastern Kenya, All 29 passengers (out of total 60) who could not or would not recite an Islamic creed affirming that Mohammed was the prophet of God….. were lined up and shot dead in cold blood, right on the road.  Incredibly, one man, Douglas Ochwodho lived to tell the story.  According to news report, “ One gunman shot from the right, one from the left, each killing the non-Muslims lying in a line on the ground, growing closer and closer to Douglas Ochwodho, who was in the middle. And then the shooting stopped. Apparently each gunman thought the other shot Ochwodho. He lay perfectly still until the 20 Islamic extremists left…”,
Kenyan police chief David Kimaiyo confirmed that nineteen men and nine women were killed in the bus attack.

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