Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Evolution-Creation Battle unabating: University Fires Scientist for producing data contradicting Evolution Theory

      The brutal attacks on anyone daring to challenge the theory of evolution is showing no sign of abating, but Christians are refusing to be cowed.  See, for example,  http://creation.com/expelled-new-movie-exposes-persecution-of-anti-darwinists
    .  One of the ongoing cases being challenged in the courts in the US, is the firing of Mark Armitage by the California State University.  Two years ago. Armitage had discovered soft tissue on a Triceratops fossil.  This made absolute nonsense of both the evolution theory in general, and in particular the assumptions commonly used for radiometric dating which both require that the fossil in question should be tens of millions of years old.  No sane person will believe that soft tissue can be preserved for that long under whatever circumstance!  Armitage had thought he could avoid trouble by simply presenting his irrefutable data without drawing any conclusions.  He was wrong.  He later laments: “It is frustrating because I made no conclusions in the paper, I just presented the factual data. The only conclusions I drew were that ‘This needs to be investigated further’.”   (see
        Clearly, that conclusion is bad enough.
        And with the Pope himself now coming out full-steam in support of evolution, (see Pope Francis Aligns Creation, Evolution As 'Not Contrary') it is no surprise that the evolution establishment is confidently stomping all around as ruthlessly as ever.
       The good news of course is that the Holy Spirit is also actively at work, through several of His agents, to keep alive the truth of Biblical creation even in this end-time generation.  One of the leading lights in this regard is the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), Dallas in the United States.  One of the latest products from the ICR is the groundbreaking 12-part DVD series titled Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis.  Released in May 2014, the DVD offers scientific evidence that confirms the Book of Genesis as a factual chronological record of God’s creation.
According to the ICR, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is directed at the Millenial Generation and itsupports a biblical worldview with empirical scientific evidence and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science.  Through interviews with leading experts, on-location investigations, insights from cutting-edge research, dynamic animation, and stunning visuals, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis takes viewers on a memorable journey through some of the most fascinating topics in creation science. Each episode is designed around a 22-minute topic ranging from the origins of life to evolution to the age of the universe and Noah's Flood. It is accompanied by a viewer guide to aid discussion and extend learning with other suggested resources. This is a fantastic resource to use in small groups, Bible study's or as a church-wide series. “
Church Arise! is excited that this material is out finally.  We heartily endorse it and urge every Christian family, Group, and Church to buy a copy to watch and share!  It is available at http://store.icr.org/Unlocking-the-Mysteries-of-Genesis/productinfo/DUTMG/

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