Tuesday, December 23, 2014

EBOLA menace still ravaging

As at the beginning of December 2014, conservative estimates of people killed by the ebola virus has risen to more than 6000, according to the World Health Organisation. Nigerians have every reason to thank the Lord for kicking the virus out of Nigeria – contrary to the predictions (and even expectations) of the global experts.
Even though some believe that what the world needs first and foremost at this point is getting a solution to the scourge, others also believe that it is still pertinent to question the origin of the virus.
And on that note, there could be little doubt that the ebola virus was man-made (much like its cousin, the HIV virus).  The question is why would some people (invariably US scientists, in collaboration with the WHO, as theories always affirm) have to come out with such creation?
While not conceding that it has ever created bio-organisms of mass destruction, the WHO openly sponsors research along that line. The justification is along the line that we need to investigate ahead all the possibilities nature might come up with, and prepare antidotes, such that mankind is not wiped out by some sudden unforeseen mutations in existing microbes. (see bulletin of the WHO volume 47 page 259, 1972 or CA! Vol 6 No 2)
                     Not many will consider this a reasonable explanation though.  People prefer to think in terms of deliberate efforts to reduce human populations as passionately espoused by many New World Order advocate (such as Bill Gates, Prince Phillips of World Wildlife Fund, and Ted Turner of CNN - see CA! Vol 4 No 5, etc); efforts by the big pharmaceutical companies to remain in business; efforts in line of biological weaponry developments, and so on and so forth (see www.theage.com.au/world/ebola-crisis-the-conspiracy-theories-20141020-118ikh.html)
What is clear is that with the way people have been thoroughly scared now, few would dare to raise any critical concerns when some solution, any solution (e.g. vaccine laced with other unspecified products), is eventually introduced to stem the tide.  Already, the WHO has declared that the nature of the emergency warrants that untested new products be administered to sickened people.  This is precisely the Hegelian approach to introducing New World Order  that we have been warning about as far back as 2001 (see Vol 4 No 6)
             And there is really nothing anybody can do about it other to ensure their own personal safety by getting to know Him who has all solution to whatever the world might ever come up with. Yes, that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. (See 1 John 4:4 and 1 John 5:5).

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