Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ukraine, Russia And Third World War

Claiming Crimea as critical to Russia as the Temple Mount is to Israel, Putin has made it clear there is no going back in his determination to annex that Russia-speaking part of Ukraine into the new Russia.  Hence the months-long intensive battle pitting NATO-backed Ukraine against Russia-backed Ukraine separatists.  So intense is the battle that the downing of a Malaysian airline with 298 people on board (July 17) only passed for a minor incident.
Many analysts believe that the stakes are so high that the world might indeed be heading towards the Third World War.  Surprisingly, one European country whose citizens seem to understand and support Putin’s moves happens to be Germany, where as many as 40% of people polled  on November 23 accepted his planned annexation of Crimea.  A respected German newspaper the BILD is also claiming it has credible evidences that Putin is making concrete plans to invade Europe.
For now, Europe and her allies are prosecuting the on-going warfare, mainly on the economic front as they attempt to bring Russia to its knees.  Currently, the Russian rouble has lost half its pre-crises value.  But it’s not only the rouble that is going down, global oil price and many other economic indices are affected – to the extent of which no one seems to be able to predict.  Eventually, it will be the puppet masters working to actualize the New World Order that stand to be the ultimate beneficiary of these developments.

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