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End-Time Technology: Regularizing the Arcane

In vol 8 No 4, we discussed New Agers’ description of their mission as “externalizing the Hierarchy” .  They believe that a group of invisible entities known as the “Hierarchy” has been in charge of affairs on planet earth for eons, and that those folks have now determined that the time is ripe for them to manifest themselves as direct players in the field of government, business, education and other spheres of human existence on the planet..  The climax of such “externalization”, according to ardent new agers, will be the coming of a messianic  Mr Fix-it-all guy , adoringly called the “Coming One”
Of course Christians understand that this so-called “Hierarchy” is nothing but a cheap  conclave of  demons who are getting more desperate to partake in activities on this planet  as they discern the imminent coming of their ultimate nightmare - the Lord Jesus Christ! (Rev 12:12). And the “Coming One” new agers are frantically preparing the ground for is none else but the antichrist, the man of sin.
Adopting similar terminology, we may describe current developments in the area of science and technology as attempts to “ regularize the arcane.”  Strenuous efforts are being made to translate to regular everyday technology, what used to pass for arcane or occult knowledge not too long ago.  This not only makes such knowledge more easily available and deployable, it also makes it more acceptable in many cases.
For example, concepts such as thought control. hypnosis, teleportation and telekinesis, zombiesm, etc have been around for probably as long as man has been on this planet.  All these are well established in both the Bible and occult sources; and they are recognized as “spiritual exercises” (though most are really operations in the realm of the human soul, rather than the spirit).  Now as mankind approaches the climax of the soulish pathway it chose when Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, it would seem no one needs to be “spiritual” anymore before accessing these previously esoteric dimensions.  With the right apps, the arcane is now becoming available in a regular, scientific manner. As we have written before, the bio-implantable microchip seems to be the key product providing this link between the arcane and regular technology.
To cut the story short, it can be surmised that all the key developments in science and technology have been such to develop the bio-implantable microchip into an indispensable product for living here on earth in the near future.    For now, the chip which gets more miniaturized month after month  - allowing it to accommodate more functions,  is providing solutions in  identity management, commerce, access control,   wireless telecommunication (as in Google Glass ),  etc.  These and many others are described in our previous articles (e.g. vol 9 no 4, vol 9 no 5 and vol 10 no 3). 
The new trend now, which is taking the implantable microchip to a new level is in the  combination of these previous applications with new applications in the area of human health.  What began as applications in monitoring of health status of some vulnerable population  (e.g. elderly, infirm, infants, etc) and automatic wireless communication of such status to some experts in case of emergency, has now spread  to the rest of the population.  The clear direction is to be able to use the implantable microchip to automically dispense internally needed therapy and medication.  Who can argue against such applications
We are currently at the point of deploying implanted microchip arrays to deliver various health products including vaccines for family planning,  and for emerging diseases with potentials of becoming pandemic (think for instance about ebola or SARS).  This latest initiative, driven by none else than Mr Bill Gates, is described in an article at .  It is capable of keeping a woman sterilized for up to 16 years..
As usual, after glamorizing the potential benefits of this kind of development, the real core problems are glossed over.  Describing a particular product being developed at MicroCHIPS in Lexington, Massachusetts, the article concludes with the following words: “While the chip has demonstrated a variety of uses, encrypting it to protect against a data breach is still a problem that needs resolving as the team hopes to move forward to FDA approval and an eventual market launch by 2018.“   A recent article in Prophecy News Watch catalogues ways in which microchip implants are becoming literally indispensable in modern society.  It concludes that microchip implants are in fact going to be “Not Optional” in matter of time. (
What is being casually glossed over here is the big problem of other parties remotely accessing and controlling the implanted chip – and therefore the implanted person.  While the world is made to think of this problem in terms of hackers and purveyors of malwares and viruses, the real problem , according to the Bible, is actually the people who developed and will manage the technology! Especially when one understands that the whole point about most of our technology today is about regularizing the arcane so as to hasten the externalization of the Hierarchy!  With so many apps already linked with the implanted microchip, what is there to stop some government institution, (even if not now, sometime in the future), from remotely accessing the microchip thereby turning it into  a tool for mass control of the population?  The Bible suggests that this scenario will certainly play out at some stage on this planet!
Christians of course can continue to participate both in the development and use of even this line of technology (short of receiving implants, of course!)  But we must be soundly aware where it will all lead eventually, while jealously and diligently guarding our hearts!  For instance, availability of GIS-devices and remote traffic monitor should not lead to the neglect of prayer and seeking of guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Indeed with all the known and yet unknown hazards associated with most of modern technology, the best access to sound health still remains via the stripes of the Lord Jesus Christ and not some nice-looking latest gadget.  Emerging technology may multiply knowledge and make it more readily available, but there is still no other source for wisdom than via the fear of God (Psalm 111:10; Prov.1:7, 2:5,) . Spirit-minded Christians must prefer the tree of Life to that of Knowledge. (Rom 8:1-6).
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