Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maylasian Plane Flight MH370 still Missing!

            As we pointed out in the previous article, directions at which developments are being channeled, (and those against which they are being diverted), have stories to tell those who care to listen.

Isn’t it amazing that with so much technological ability, a Boeing 777 with 239  people on board could just simply vanish off the surface of the earth just like that –leaving absolutely no trace behind?. Several weeks have since passed (since 7th March, 2014), and there is still absolutely no clue as to the fate of the aircraft and its occupants.

Many people would have thought this situation impossible, and had it been a local plane in a country like Nigeria, all the blames would have been conveniently heaped on some guy in authority some where, with arm-chair critics demonstrating and issuing ultimatums!  But here we have the entire world mobilized in a no-budget- limit search operation, and for several weeks running, all the efforts have drawn an absolute blank so far.

 The situation has given rise to a number of intriguing suggestions, ranging from the possibility of alien UFO abduction, to the existence of a hole/black hole in space, and of course to several conspiracy theories.   One of the theories is particularly intriguing because the facts could be checked out for verification.  It is the observation that on board the MH370 flight were four out of five joint patent holders for a major semi-conductor material.   The disappearance of the four therefore now makes the remaining fifth partner  the sole owner of the patent.  The punch in the situation is that this remaining fifth partner happens to be none else but billionaire Jacob Rothschild - a member of the  Illuminati who additionally comes from a family whose name has virtually become a recurrent decimal in discussions of the coming global governance agenda (see   )

            It will take a great deal of faith and hope to still be expecting that the passengers and crew of MH370 could be safely  restored to their families – although in the absence of any concrete clear details of what really happened, just anything is possible.  It’s not difficult to predict which side of the divide the major players would sit.  Government had actually declared that the flight had ended somewhere in the Indian Ocean with no survivors; but family members are insisting that they be shown some proof – wreckage, personal item, anything to rule out other possibilities and theories.

            For now the theorists may as well continue to enjoy their field day.  The day cometh, probably very soon, when they would need to explain the sudden disappearance of multitudes of Christians from all over the world in the great event known as The Rapture.

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