Thursday, May 8, 2014

The World labels Israel apartheid as Arabs advocate for Jew-free Palestinian State

Obama’s America is not hiding its deep commitment to ensuring that a Peace Treaty is signed between Israel and her apparently implacable Arab neigbours as soon as possible.  And with mounting economic threats, including boycotts and divestment led by the EU,  Israel has found herself needing to bend over backward to consider proposals once considered absolutely unthinkable..  . 

One such proposal, the land swap deal, calls for “the transfer of the predominantly Arab "Triangle" of communities and Wadi Ara, a main artery between central and northern Israel bordering the West Bank, in return for Jewish settlements in the West Bank.”   Eager to demonstrate goodwill towards the peace efforts, Israel, through her Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, is now conceding there is nothing fundamentally wrong with such an idea for land swap. (,7340,L-3082,00.html)

But there is a huge problem on the Arab side of the equation.  First, there is almost 100% agreement among the Arabs both within and outside Palestine, that no Jew could become citizens in the proposed Palestinian state.  If the land swap deal is to fall through then, the Jews would have to return to Israel.  While the Jews concerned would probably actually prefer that option, Arabs currently living in Israel as Israeli citizens would not hear of a reciprocal return by them to the new Palestinian state when created.

Avigdor Lieberman had expressed his opinion that the Palestinians would want to embrace that option. As he reasoned:  "They define themselves as Palestinians, ,,,,so why wouldn't they join their Palestinian brothers?" 

But the Arab Israeli’s have their “why not”.  The bottom-line is they are not ready to exchange the high quality of life and liberty offered by Israel for the deadly in-fighting and poverty promised by the proposed Palestinian State.  There are finer ways of expressing that however.  For instance, according to Revia Mahajna, an attorney from the village Musmus in the Wadi Ara region:

"From an historical perspective, I'm living on Palestinian land that was passed down from father to son way before the State of Israel was established, and on the other hand I have an Israeli identification card," he said. "I'm a Palestinian living in the State of Israel just like there are Palestinians living in Canada or Germany.",7340,L-4473953,00.html.

Where  the situation becomes absolutely incomprehensible however, is that even while the Arabs want a Palestinian state that is free of Jewish presence, they at the same time insist that they cannot accept Israel being even nominally recognized as a Jewish homeland! And absolutely amazingly, the EU and her allies are insisting that Israel is the one at one at fault and should be labeled an apartheid state and boycotted economically! (see Arab League 'categorically' refuses to recognize Israel as Jewish state).

Despite all these intrigues, the Bible is clear that a peace treaty will indeed be signed in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbours.  This end-time treaty will be brokered by the antichrist, and will be for a period of 7 years.  Real Christians may not be around to witness the Treaty as it could have been preceded by the Rapture.

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