Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Ondo State, Ritualist Kidnappers arrested, sentenced to death

            Aside of the big centres for kidnapping and satanic rituals which are being exposed by the Holy Spirit all over Yorubaland, the pockets of “free-lance” solo ritualists are also finding their spells over the people becoming broken and increasingly ineffectual.  As reported by another international media house, three ritualists were arrested for killing a 1-year-old girl in Ondo State, Nigeria.  Without the backing of the big guns behind centres like Mosarajo and Soka, justice was swift and straightforward for these agents of death: they have been sentenced to death by hanging. (
             In a similar development at Idikan in Ibadan, a moslem cleric was accosted in the very act of slaughtering a would-be victim.  Attracted by desperate screams from Chiwendu Nkwocha, neighbours broke down the door of the room of the Moslem cleric and found him already cutting deep into Chiwendu’s neck, as one would slaughter a ram.  The neck was not yet fully severed, and it is expected that the lady would fully recover with good medical attention.(

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