Thursday, May 8, 2014

Scotland requires state-appointed guardian for every child; Britain to jail parents for possible “emotional cruelty” to their children

The moves to recruiting the next generation, children, for mass indoctrination into New World Order ideas continue relentlessly as the endtime clock approaches midnight.

On the 19th of February, 2014, the Scottish National Parliament debated and passed a Bill which ostensibly seeks to ensure that all of Scotland’s parents are properly qualified to care for their children, purportedly to protect the “rights” of those children.   According to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill , the National Health Service for Scotland will appoint a health worker to act as a “named person” for every child up until five years of age. Thereafter, the responsibility is passed to councils until the child reaches 18.  The “named person” is empowered to have legal access to information about a child and his family from law enforcement and health authorities.   (

Unfortunately it is true that, resulting from the increasing end-time assaults on family life and values, some parents do turn around to seriously abuse and assault their own children.  But even in these engineered environments, such cases are still by far in the minority, and could be handled by the plethora of  state agencies and social services already set up to cater for children welfare.  In this new proposal, every parent in Scotland is assumed irresponsible, and they have to be measured against standards and values set by the state.

Britain is set to take the matter to even a higher level.  In what is being termed the “Cinderella law”, parents in the England and Wales may be jailed for up to 10 years if they are adjudged not to have shown sufficient love to their own children (  Till date, the UK has stringent laws protecting the child from physical and sexual abuse from their own parents, but the proposed new extension will address what is termed  “emotional cruelty”.

As usual for such New World Order concepts, the new law is being pushed by NGOs. In their books, “emotional cruelty” is akin to Child Neglect, which is defined to include forcing a child to witness domestic violence, scapegoating them, humiliation and degrading punishments”. It could also include ignoring a child's presence” and “failing to stimulate a child”.  One Mr Buckland, speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, provides an apt summary of “emotional cruelty” to children: "Isolating them, belittling them, rejecting them, corrupting them, as well, into criminal or anti-social behaviour."

The changes are due to be introduced in the UK’s Parliament within the framework of the Queen’s Speech in early June.

One doesn’t have to be a prophet to discern which groups of citizens will suffer in all these new developments.   First is the poor and vulnerable parent who has to work extra hard to support the family.  As it were, many are increasingly having to choose between staying at home to provide “emotional care”, or staying away (working overtime or even going abroad) in order to provide basic sustenance and physical care: food, clothing and shelter! 

The other group that is bound to be hard-hit are those who advocate and/or practice traditional ideas that are increasingly now considered non-mainstream.  For instance, the Mayor of London has reportedly advocated that children be taken away from parents who hold certain political views (even when those views are those of a registered political party (see  Views on tolerance (of homosexuality for instance), inter-faithism, immigration policies and all those issues meant to promote global governance  will also certainly determine who qualifies to raise a child in the emerging New World Order.

These new ideas derive directly from UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). The clear end-point in view is to bring the entire mankind under one global maximum ruler  – the Antichrist (see Rev. 13:16-18)

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