Thursday, May 8, 2014


           We reported in our last edition how the Lord exposed the gross wickedness and inhuman atrocities being perpetrated at the village of Mosarajo, near the ancient city of Ile-Ife.  Clear evidences attest to a well-established practice of human sacrifice and rituals.  The speed and effectiveness with which such a heinous blatant event, which was widely reported all over the world, was brushed under carpet also clearly attests to the calibre of the clients who patronize the Shrines.
            Now an even more extensive practice of human sacrifice was also uncovered at Soka area of Ibadan city, in Oyo state on March 22. See pictures of victims and their clothing and personal effects here ( ).  Up till date, nothing has been heard concerning the unidentified 8 suspects linked with the ritualist den.  Currently, political bigwigs in the state are openly trading accusations on who are the patrons, and how such a place with its stench and scale of operation could possibly have existed without authorities knowing about it (see Again there is world-wide alarm and reportage of these atrocities (see http://www.a,
            Church Arise! believes,  (in the words of Rev Segun Olanipekun of the ICLD, Pretoria, see above)  that these satanic strongholds are “the trees producing strings of wicked leaders” in Yorubaland.  Their being exposed and discredited at this auspicious time must certainly be a confirmation that the Lord is serious about changing core leadership cadres all over Africa, beginning from Yorubaland.  The Church of God must awaken to these realities and mobilize to actualize God’s agenda for our time

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