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World marks Autism day, but Third World countries continue to serve as dumping grounds for a major possible precursor for Autism: Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines unwanted elsewhere!

Wednesday 2nd of April was observed all over the world as World Autism Awareness Day.  Sadly, it is not likely there would soon be a scientific consensus on what exactly are those factors responsible for the horrible disease called autism.  Ordinarily, it shouldn’t have been such a difficult task – if it is only science that is involved.  Afterall, here is a disease that literally sprung up from nowhere – from near zero-incidence a few decades ago to now millions of sufferers globally.  Surely it must have something to do with something we started doing during that period of time!

            Unfortunately, it is more than science that is involved.  In particular, big money, power and politics also come into play.  And just like politicians see the lives of innocent citizens as mere inevitable  collateral damage in the battle for the next elections; for the big brains behind Thimerosal-Containing-Vaccines, - globalists and agents of the New World Order   -  life is all about “survival-of-the-fittest”.

            Yes, concerning autism, the raw, unprocessed facts speak, nay scream, for themselves.  Consider the following, with respect to the possible role of the chemical thimerosal in the development of autism. By the way, Thimerosal (or thiormersal, in UK and Australia), is a chemical containing 49.55% of ethyl mercury and is used to preserve several types of vaccines so that multiple doses could be extracted from one vial without fear of contamination.  It is the classical case depicted in the African proverb which speaks of having a mixture of stench and salt forced down one’s throat: that is, lacing a great beneficial product with an equally damaging poison!

There is absolutely no argument as to the great havoc caused by ethyl mercury in people, as it binds to their brain resulting in a spectrum of disorders – depending on the genetic composition of those people, and other chemicals that may be present or absent in the potion.  Going with the known toxicity of ethyl mercury, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the maximum standard for exposure to mercury at 1 microgram per 10 kilogram of body weight per day.   The vaccine with the least amount of Thimerosal however has 12,5 micrograms of mercury. One has to weigh 125 kg to remain within the recommended limits for such one vaccine. According to one calculation done for the mandatory childhood vaccine schedule in the US, children receive a whooping 237.5 micrograms of mercury in the first eighteen months of their lives.  The figure is much higher outside the United States.  (

Apart from their obviously tiny body weights, infants and babies also have yet-to-be-fully-formed blood-to-brain barrier (BBB).  The BBB prevents toxin such as mercury present in the blood from reaching the brain.   Children are therefore in double jeopardy with respect to mercury toxicity, and its real havoc them is therefore really yet unquantifiable!  This is the plain verdict of untainted science.

Realizing this connection, virtually all the developed countries of the world, including Russia (1980), Netherlands, Denmark, all decided to ban thimerosal from their vaccines.  Furthermore, following unrelenting public outcries, the United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP, Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (UNEP/INC 5), last year (2013) had no choice other than over-rule the enormous lobbies of vested interest groups, and declare thimerosal banned in all medicines and similar products for folk use.  That is all medicines, except vaccines!  (see

The argument for the exemption of vaccines was that the preparation of single-dose vaccines which would not require thimerosal will push production costs beyond the pocket of many under-developed countries.  In what was considered as the better of two evils, such countries are allowed to continue to receive thimerosal-laden vaccines unusable in the country where they are produced!  As it turned out, even in a country like the United States, poorer communities (read non-whites) who have to depend on National Health Insurance scheme to pay for their vaccines are also served with the mercury-containing variants of the products. 

The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) has cried itself hoarse on the immorality of this situation. In an official letter to a Committee of the US Congress, chairman of CoMeD, Lisa Sykes wrote:”

“The discrepancy between the distribution of mercury-free vaccines to wealthy and predominantly Caucasian populations, while mercury-containing vaccines are distributed to poor and predominantly non-Caucasian groups is undeniable and immensely troubling.

She went on to lament:

“The double standard in vaccine safety which currently exists is unethical. The possibility that the United Nations, under the tutelage of the World Health Organization (WHO), would tolerate, or ignore, an obviously discriminatory policy based on income, nationality, and even race, is frightening,”

 But all pleas and cries continue to fall on deaf ears.

Claiming to love African children too much to deprive them of the mercury-laden vaccines which are the only forms philanthropic donor-countries can afford to donate to them, the official scientific and health agencies of the world argue that, in any case, there is no convincing evidence that thimerosal in vaccines is linked with autism.  The withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines of the developed countries, they argue, is merely “precautionary”.  Such precautions however will be unwarranted for people who might end up not being able to afford the product at the end of the day.  What an incredible logic!

To back up the argument that thimerosal in vaccines is not linked to autism, the latest so-called evidence cited is that in the state of California, removal of thimerosal from vaccines did not change the increasing incidents of autism within some period of time (, However, not only are there glaring faults with the design of the study (acknowledged by all), other better designed studies in other places such as the state of Alabama clearly demonstrate sharp reduction in incidents of autism with withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines. (,).  To worsen matters, US governmental agencies were caught manipulating results from other countries, such as Denmark to alter clear evidences that the withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines is leading to significant reduction in incidents of autism,  A Danish scientist involved in the fraudulent process was subsequently dismissed from service by his University. (see )_

Why all these manipulations and denials?  Ostensibly, the US government is terrified of the thousands of litigations that would surely follow, if it could be admitted that TCVs are linked with autism.  For instance, in just one single case, where TCVs were implicated, the Supreme Court ordered a compensation of over $1.5 million (one and half million dollars!) to the victim. (See CA! Vol 13 No 2;  The US government fears such rulings will easily wipe out the vaccine industry, which would be a matter of national security in the event of biological warfare against the nation.  New World Order goons must be wringing their hands in delight at the masterpiece problem they have created!

            In conclusion, if Science only were the considerations, then the world should be obtaining a reprieve by now from the scourge of autism.  Not only do figures from Alabama state and Denmark already cited show decrease in incidents of autism with the use of thimerosal-free vaccines, there are clear documentation of autistic children responding favourably to chelation therapy where mercury is removed from their blood. (Of course there are complications with this procedure and it cannot be generalized to all subjects.  Yet that it works even if just in one instance is an irrefutable demonstration of an association between mercury and autism - see

 And then there is the so-called Amish anomaly.  The religious community of Amish in Pennsylvania, USA has consistently refused vaccines over the years – for religious reasons, just as Jehovah Witnesses would not take blood transfusion.  And the clear result:  autism in Amish and similar communities is virtually non-existent  (, mirrored here: )

  Thimerosal is clearly in the league of  chemicals like lead and thalidomide in wreaking havocs on babies and infants.  Lead was removed from gasoline worldwide mainly due to this hazard, while thalidomide (as mentioned by Pastor E.A. Adeboye in a recent message) was also withdrawn for the horrible deformities it produced in new borns.  Yes, thimerosal-free vaccines are now in use in the developed countries, but African children continue to have thimerosal-containing versions donated to them by kind-hearted foreign philanthropists!  One developing nation that has found the courage to challenge the madness is Chile, which has decided that vaccines that are not good enough for American and European children are not welcome for use in Chilean children!

 What is even adding salt to the injury is that many of the vaccines are of dubious usefulness.  In a previous article (see . we have questioned the usefulness of probably the most-widely administered vaccine in Nigeria – the polio vaccine. At the instigation of Mr Bill Gates and his ilks, oral polio vaccine (not fit for use in the United States and other developed nations) are REPEATEDLY and senselessly administered (WITHOUT ANY LIMITS!)  to MILLIONS of Nigerian children, just to get rid of the TWENTY or less cases of polio in the country.  Meanwhile hundreds of thousands children die annually of preventable diseases such as diarrhea and malaria due to lack of proper funds or intensive campaigns.  Mr Gates seek the pleasure of being credited with the total eradication of polio, which is good enough (if actually achievable, see  But at what costs to us the recipients?  Even the WHO agrees it is going ahead with Oral polio vaccine in Nigeria only while it seeks for more reasonable, but yet unavailable, options (see

            In the meantime government and the mainstream media houses continue to sanctimoniously celebrate World Autism Day while promoting and sponsoring practices that certainly continue to stoke the raging inferno.  The end-times is a truly interesting period to be on the planet, and it is only in the light of the Scriptures that we can begin to discern or make sense of happenings in the various sectors of society.  CA! salutes the millions of parents who are steadfastly and lovingly supporting their autistic children and wards.  We challenge the government of African countries in particular to shake off the chains of neo-colonialism and do that which is needful.  To all our readers we say, Cheer up, the Redeemer is at the door!

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