Monday, March 28, 2011

Sex slavery of youngsters now a global epidemic

While the world’s attention is gripped by the massive convulsion currently shaking the planet (from social upheaveals to natural disasters of flash floodings, earthquakes and tsunamis), it is easy to overlook a no less catastrophe that is consuming the world, pointing at the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the thriving sex slave business.
A recent article in the NEWS OF THE WORLD (Feb 13) indicate that an incredible 13 million children have been enslaved worldwide, with the current annual figure standing at a staggering 800,000. Most of the sex slaves are from developing countries of the world, including Africa and Eastern Europe. At least 30,000 abused sex slaves die every year as a result of different ailments and maltreatment. However, organizations such as Planned Parenthood [PP] and their many collaborators (many of them hiding under nice-sounding programmes in Secondary and Tertiary institutions of learning in Nigeria) would have us focus on providing treatments for these ailments rather than cutting from the roots the business of sex-slavery itself. This is the core issue in the new sex revolution that is threatening to engulf the world right now. Is making abortion, licentious sex, etc safe what matters or the morality of it? Incidentally improving one of these (e.g. safety) will dramatically worsen the other (i.e. morality), as found out by an Indian community where improved social and reproductive health care for prostitutes made it so inviting that husbands and fathers had to protest the impact on their society (see Vol 7 No 4) .
It’s really amazing that so-called educated people could come out boldly to attack the simple and beautiful blueprint for the expression of sexuality as designed by the Creator of sex: have all the sex you wish, but only within the context of a marriage contract! This guarantees security not only for the couple but also the products of the sexual act, and as well provide safeguards against emotional heartaches, and a battery of STDs, the latest being HIV/AIDS. To really see the seriousness of these sex czars and their utter disdain for the rest of society and our sense of morality, download a copy of their latest report at
While majority of the trafficked sex slaves are young naïve girls lured into cities with offer of good fortune, such as Irina of Chermigov in Ukraine cited by the News of the World, others had a rough idea of what awaited them in the city. However, by the time they face the reality of having to sleep with about a dozen men every day, seven days a week, they realized too late that their future is quite bleak. They also discover too late that they are quite expendable as their pimps have a ready supply of fresh replacements for them! In a recent local example published in the PM News report of Friday 4th February, when a 13-year old girl brought to work as a sex slave complained to her aunt that she was suffering severe pains in her private parts (after two months of daily sex with up to 10 men), the aunt only encouraged her to work harder. It was only because of the pain and the lack of attention that she finally absconded from her brothel room and was picked up by the police. But the really sad aspect about such stories, as lamented by a law enforcement officer, is that as soon as such sex-slaves are returned to their parents/guardians in the South-South, fresh attempts are made to send them back to Lagos. In other words, the primary pimps were the parents of these unfortunate children themselves!
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