Monday, March 28, 2011

Prostitutes Pushed to dance on Lagos Streets by foreign funded Sexuality NGOs

With apparent pomp, placards and banners, about 50 commercial sex workers and sponsoring sex activists reportedly marched through the streets of Ikoyi, Lagos to mark the International Sex ‘workers rights Day on March 3.(
The “peaceful protest march” was carried out under the banner of the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) Nigeria, described as “a coalition of NGOs working to promote equity and justice among citizens.” ASWA's continental head office is housed by the Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT), an NGO based in Cape Town, South Africa. The self-labeled “gender and economic rights organization” has presence in six East/South African countries and is reaching out of that enclave to make Nigeria the seventh.
Oddly enough, in its self-assigned task of “leading the fight for sex workers' respect and rights” the ASWA says it is “advocating the de-criminalisation of sex work…” But what de-criminalisation?. If sex works were being treated as a crime, why do we have all the brothels openly practicing their trade without government’s molestation?
Speaking to the press, Executive Director of Safe Haven International in Nigeria and coordinator of ASWA, Magaret Onah revealed the true desires of her organization as she “called on government, especially the Lagos State government, to come up with policies to encourage sex work”. ASWA is out to raise more prostitutes, by emboldening, encouraging and even deceiving them. Pure and simple.
The truth of the matter is that the so called ASWA is nothing more than a group of individuals backed by limitless funds from the Bill Gates of this world (see previous editions of CA!, e.g. vol 13 no 4) with a mission to promote prostitution. With only a fraction of the budget they spend on advocacy and “fighting for respects”, these NGOs could as well have taken majority of people who were pushed into prostitution by socio-economic situation out of their humiliating and destructive profession.
As revealed in the news report, “ASWA is currently being run by a group of NGOs working with sex workers until the sex workers are empowered to run ASWA themselves.” Meaning? ASWA is nothing more than foreign-funded NGO staff, trying to raise, encourage, and embolden local prostitutes. . How far are these sex NGOs ready to go in putting sex work on the same level of respectability as being a school teacher? We reported in vol 9 no 3 the case in Berlin of a young lady who having lost her job as a waitress refused to accept one as a sex worker in a brothel. She was threatened with losing her unemployment benefit for refusing legal work! The argument, as we have been told endlessly in the case of homosexuality, is that you are not allowed to denigrate the choice of others
According to Rex Ajenifuja, described as the Lagos Coordinator for Nigeria, “global partners” organized their African minions into ASWA for the first meeting in South Africa two years ago – confirming that the initiative and funds are from outside Africa. Obviously, these externally-funded agents driving the sexual revolution in Africa are the real danger. The actual sex workers practice their trades in shame and quietness, with many of them nursing the desire of someday getting out of the demeaning and dangerous business. Our so-called educated and rights advocates come along [inspired by foreign funds] to goad the confused sex-worker into the open and encourage them to express how proud they are of their business. How can anyone in their right senses be proud of presenting himself/herself naked to just anybody that comes along (irrespective of age, mental/social/health status, etc); and for a token, yield up that naked body for whatever would catch the fancy of this total stranger!
Even without addressing the graver issues of ritual sex, bestiality, and the ultimate rendezvous with the “devil and his angels” in hell fire, it’s clear that these hapless pawns in the hand of the NGOs are billed to start experiencing hell on earth in just a matter of years if they persist with their trade. Getting these people to come out and dance on the street (obviously for a fat fee) only takes their humiliation and de-humanization to a new low! It’s a sign of the times that these NGOs are just too influential for government to do anything about them, except perhaps curry their favour and ask for good words to be put in for their political aspirations with the Bill Gates and Warren Buffetts of this world. The recent Wikileaks confirm this scenario! (see for instance
Are you a prostitute – either official or unofficial? Jesus loves you and He will provide you with genuine help if you will allow Him. Please contact a Pastor in a serious Bible believing church near you to find out how. Please do that TODAY.
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