Monday, March 28, 2011

End of the world – May 21, 2011?

Have you heard the new date when the world would come to an end?. Based on a supposed scholarly study by 88 year old Harold Camping, the planet earth will probably stop spinning come May 21, this year! Never mind that the failure of a previous date set by Mr Camping for the return the Lord Jesus (Sept 6 1994) was later explained as due to a “mathematical error”. What’s amazing is how much efforts are being put into pushing obvious unbiblical nonsense as these to the populace. ( ). However, all these attempts to confuse issues and probably get people to resignedly cast off restraints and become hardened to the news of the promised imminent return of the Lord, do confirm that the real end, though clearly stated in the Bible as scheduled for a date nobody will ever be able to predict in advance, is “at the doors” – Mathew 24:33. Now that’s information worth all the energy, money and time we can muster to push around.

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