Monday, March 28, 2011

Church Arise! Marks ten years of formal dedication in April

It looked like yesterday that Bishop Francis Wale Oke, leading a team of several other anointed men of God came to Ile-Ife to officially commission the Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries. But it’s now ten solid years, praise the Lord! After three years of publishing the bi-monthly newsletter, CA!, we were led to seek the laying-on of hands by the Church for strength and grace to fulfill the ministry evidently committed unto us by the Lord. The vision for the work had been received during the 3rd God’s End-Time Army Conference, convened in March 1997 by Bishop Francis Wale Oke. Joining the Bishop to lay hands on Dr and Mrs Joshua Ojo on April 6 2001 were Pastor Adewole Haastrup, then state Pastor of the RCCG, Osun State, His Royal Highness, Pastor Julius Fatanmi (the Olura of Ira and chairman of CA! Board), and Mrs O. Ayeni, among other Christian dignitaries.
To mark the tenth anniversary, we will be releasing a sequel to our 2001 book titled The Time is Fulfilled. The sequel will be a Trilogy – titled Behold I come quickly Books 1-3. Book 1 is subtitled Alerts from Science and Technology, Book 2 is a compilation of Signs from Society and Governance, while Book 3 is subtitled Warnings from Religions and Spiritual Expressions. The books are an orderly and indexed compilation of the contents of Church Arise! from Volume 4 no 3 to date.
All these will be available, in the first instance, as e-books which can be freely downloaded from our website. Also to be released is a must-read book How is the gold become dim!– providing original little-known facts and details on evolution of norms, doctrines and practices in the Cherubim and Seraphim Society – an indigenous Church movement in Nigeria. Dr Ojo spent the first thirty years of his life (and the first ten of his Christian life) in this Church movement, and so writes as a priviledged insider. By God’s grace, the paper versions of these books will be released as soon as the financial details can be settled.
Meanwhile to the glory of God, traffic to our website ( more than doubled from 3,403 unique visits in 2009 to 8,631 in 2010. Visitors in 2010 came from several other new countries, in addition to the over 30 countries from where we received visitors in 2009. Starting from April 1, our blog : will now be updated with new articles and commentaries EVERY WEEK. The blog is where to get fresh information from us, just as the website is the place to get our archived materials and an incredibly vast amount of other resources and links to other ministries. Please pay us a visit today!
We appreciate everyone who has encouraged us so far with letters, finances, and most important of all, prayers. We trust God to keep growing in leaps and bounds till the shouts of the Trump and the voice of the Archangel brings this present dispensation to a close!

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