Monday, March 28, 2011

EXHORTATION: A Tough Period Ahead - Jim Fletcher

An Associated Press article the day Mubarak resigned under pressure quoted an Israeli official who said what everyone is thinking:
"We have a tough period ahead of us," Zvi Mazel, a former Israeli ambassador in Egypt, told Israel TV. "Iran and Turkey will consolidate positions against us. Forget about the former Egypt. Now it's a completely new reality, and it won't be easy."
It appears that Egypt will become an overt threat to Israel, with Iran and Turkey in the north providing same. The odds are good that other regimes in the region will fall, like Jordan. Suddenly, almost overnight, nightmare scenarios are falling into place.
But, my friends, we are not like the unbelievers. We know who is in control. In the literal end, we are going to God. He is the Master of the universe, and He is never surprised.
Let me be frank: I have problems just like you do, probably many of the same ones. I never remember seeing so much anxiety and almost crippling stress, both from people I know and just watching the news. Egypt’s disintegration certainly doesn’t help.
However…we must keep our eyes on the prize. What a magnificent time to be alive! I am watching the nefarious schemes of men who want to wrap the world in evil. Yet I am absolutely certain that our God is in complete control.
Israel is not going to disappear, you will not disappear, God’s word will never disappear. He has promised us over and over again….that He is the ultimate safety.
If he promised us individual peace and rest (Matthew 28 and elsewhere), and we see age-old prophecies being fulfilled now with the speed of a bullet train, can we make the decision to embrace joy? I am happy. As I see the dark shadows spread over the earth, I know that a bright and eternal morning is just ‘round the bend.
Let us pray for those poor souls in Egypt, who do not know truth. Let us pray for our leaders, that they also find discernment.
God is magnificent and majestic and in complete control. His word cannot and will not fail. We are going through a tough period, but it does have a period at the end of its sentence.
Jim Fletcher ( ) .

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