Monday, March 28, 2011

Meanwhile Comprehensive “catch-‘em-young” sex-ed forges ahead

As reported in OneNewsNow of February 28, ( the Montana's school district in the US has decided to ignore public outcry and proceed with its plans to teach sex education to young students. But parents and state lawmakers are still fighting the initiative.
According to Jeff Laszloffy, president of the Montana Family Foundation, while many fed-up parents are taking their kids out of public schools to pursue other education options, others are so outraged that that are taking legal action against the school district. Progress is also being made along legislative line, as the state House, lobbied by the Montana family Foundation, has passed a bill that obliges schools to notify parents at least 48 hours prior to sex education courses. It also requires them to receive written consent before the children can attend.
Parents in Germany are however no so lucky. We have reported in previous editions (e.g. Vol 10 No 1) that parents who opted to take their children off government-supervised schooling have been jailed in Germany. Now, even those who keep them in public school with the hope of having them excused from certain corrupting classes, such as comprehensive sex-education, are also being jailed. As reported in OneNewsNow of March 9, up to ten parents in Germany have been jailed for keeping their children from attending sex-education programs at school.
According to Roger Kiska, a legal counsel in the Alliance Defense Fund (, the new curriculum makes it mandatory for nine- and ten-year-olds to participate in the programs, which include an “interactive play”.
The imprisoned parents have also been fined the equivalent of nearly $1,300 (U.S.).

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