Monday, March 28, 2011

Death of a gay activist

The murder of David Kato, Ugandan gay activist on January 27 made global headlines, as to be expected. Many are cashing in on it to seek concessions for homosexual activism. Even after the murderer of Kato, Nsubuga Enock has confessed, clarifying that the gruesome murder was over personal issues and neither for robbery nor lifestyle, gay activists insist the murder must have been provoked by a newspaper report which last October published pictures and addresses of several Ugandan gay activists, including Kato’s. As far as the majority of world’s news outlets are concerned, the police must be covering up the hate crime! (
From all indications, the murderer was even a sleeping partner to Kato; and is known to be a criminal. As a matter of fact, David Kato had just bailed Nsubuga out of jail (on January 24) and had him stay with him for two days, just before his death. What then is there to cover up? Who can keep a tab on how many people have been killed by dissatisfied lovers, all over the world all through history? Does Kato’s homosexual activism absolve him from reaping what he sowed?
Uganda is being portrayed by international lobbies for homosexuality, as a draconian, unreasonable homophobic society. Yet no one is saying, even in Uganda, that homosexuals should not live any lifestyle they please. Talk less of them being killed for doing so. What sane voices in society all over the world are demanding is that the gay lobby should not be allowed to criminalize any criticism of homosexual lifestyle. Homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, should just keep their sexual lives to their bedroom and allow society to focus on more productive issues. On the contrary, what the gay lobbies are demanding is that they be given the public platform to recruit from our kith and kins into their unproductive, unhealthy, unnatural and abominable acts; while we all must keep mute, not allowed to even respond. (Please read our previous article on gay advocacy at
The so-called draconian bill in Uganda calls for death sentence for “serial offenders” – men who rape boys and other men, repeating the crime over and over again – especially when they know they are HIV positive!. Why is such a suggestion draconian? Why not look at the issue from the point of view of the rest of society – of the people being exposed to the serial rapist? Of the society trying to cope with the onslaught of HIV/AIDS known to be mainly transmitted through gay sex? If drug pushers, armed robbers, drug counterfeiters, terrorists, etc could be sent to the gallows, what make men who repeatedly rape men (or even women) so sacred, that they could go on over and over committing their heinous deeds with impunity?

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