Friday, January 6, 2017

Another clear evidence that the moon is only as old as the Bible suggests

Measurements of the formation rate of craters on the moon, now made possible by the availability of high resolution cameras and image processing systems,  have yielded another clear-cut evidence that conventional dating techniques and theories on the age of the Earth/Moon are seriously faulty. The study by astronomers at Arizona State University and Cornell University in the United States found that far many new craters were being formed on the moon than had been previously thought was possible.  And since one of the standard ways of estimating the age of the moon is based on the number of craters counted and the assumed rate of their formation, there is obvious need to revise the age ascribed to the moon, and consequently, to the earth. 
According to the report, written by correspondent of the popular version of the journal “Nature”, the revision required is massive, and would move the age of the moon from “a timescale of millions of years, to only thousands. “
One of the researchers was quoted: “I’m excited by the fact that we can see the regolith evolve and churn—a process that was believed to take hundreds of thousands to millions of years to occur—in images acquired over the past several years.”
This new age assignment for the moon is absolutely consistent with other available foolproof scientific evidences where the standard uniformitarian assumptions are challenged.  Such evidences abound in the results obtained by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in their landmark RATE Project (see
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