Friday, January 6, 2017

Islamism and Intolerance

While Islamists all over the world, including Nigeria, continue to target Christian girls for marriage, via forceful abduction and “conversion” where necessary, they view it an absolutely unpardonable sin that a moslem lady should get involved with Christianity or Christian men.
The Christian post recently reported one such incident from, Lahore, Pakistan, where a 24-year-old Muslim man [on August 14] had murdered his 18-year-old sister for marrying a Christian. When arrested, the murderer justified his actions in the well-known Islamic “honor-killing” code.  "I told her I would have no face to show at the mill [where he worked], to show to my neighbors, so don't do it. Don't do it. But she wouldn't listen. I could not let it go. It was all I could think about. I had to kill her. There was no choice,"  he ranted on and on.  As is usual in such cases among Islamists, the man is regarded not as a criminal but a hero and pious upholder of Islam. He is most likely to go scot-free of this killing.
In a related incidence also reported by the Christianpost, a 42-year-old Muslim man in Sydney, Australia stabbed to death his 35-year-old wife for converting to Christianity. The couple are Iranian and were still processing their full immigration to Australia.
In Bradford, West Yorkshire in Britain, even 20years after converting from Islam to Christianity, Nissar Hussain continued to be subjected to life-threatening ordeals in the hand of gangs of Islamists in that country.  The last attack inflicted on him left Nissar with a crushed knee-cap.  All the police can do for him was to ferry Nissar’s family of 8 on November 3, to an undisclosed safe house with new identity. That means unceremoniously leaving all their friends and relationship, most likely forever!  Read details at
Inspired by similar spirit as in Bradford, Muslims in Kobolwa village, Kibuku District, Eastern Uganda on Sunday October 30 gutted the home of a Christian family who had been hosting two boys whose lives had been threatened  for their decision to convert from Islam to Christianity. Details by Morning Start News at
When stealthily infiltrating western societies, Islamists are to be heard bitterly complaining about intolerant hosts. If only they would reflect a fraction of their demands on other people back to themselves!  For instance, a recent report showed Christian children in a primary school in Germany being required (without their parents’ knowledge) to recite “Allahu Akbar” and other muslim prayer .  Meanwhile, in the same supposedly Christian country, we have schools refusing point-blank to acknowledge "Christmas rituals"  - Christmas tree, Christmas stories or carols, etc ostensibly so as to accommodate the "diverse cultures" of other pupils.  In an Austrian refugee camp, a Christian lady invited to come lead a Bible study was suddenly pounced upon by an Afghan muslim man and repeatedly stabbed. Thank God, the the large coat she was wearing saved her life.

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