Sunday, January 8, 2017

In response to new Federal Law, RCCG creates separate office for National Overseer in Nigeria

The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has announced the appointment of Pastor Joseph Obayemi as Overseer for the Church in Nigeria.  Speaking at the annual national Ministers’ Thanksgiving service on Saturday 7th January, Pastor Adeboye said the development was necessary in view of the new law governing Not for Profits, which was recently announced by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  The new regulations (the NFPO Code 2016) officially became operational in Nigeria on 17th October 2016.  It imposes much stricter restrictions on leadership structures in Not for Profit Organizations operating in the country; and significantly, now includes religious organizations in its scope.
Hitherto, Pastor E.A. Adeboye had implicitly assumed the role of Nigeria’s  National Overseer, together with his office as General Overseer, him being based in Nigeria. The RCCG has Parishes in some 192 countries of the world and each country has at least a Country Representative or Overseer, depending on the size of the Church in that country.  A number of Special Assistants to the General Overseer  oversee wide geographical blocs such as North America, Europe, Britain, Australia and the Pacific, Southern Africa, Central Africa, Northern Africa, West (Africa) Coast, etc.   Nigeria had always been left out of these arrangements, until  now, when the new structure is being announced in compliance with the new Federal law.  
Pastor Adeboye observed that Pastor Obayemi has actually been providentially prepared for this new role, him having served extensively in the Salary Review and the Inland Missions structures of the Church.  Also Pastor Obayemi had been representing the RCCG in other Christian organizations in Nigeria such as the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, and the Christian Association of Nigeria.  Also announced, as required by the new Federal Government regulations, were the Secretary and Treasurer for the Nigerian operations of the RCCG.  These are respectively Pastor Johnson F. Odesola and Pastor Joseph Adeyokunnu.
We thank God for the wisdom being granted His people to navigate the tight ropes they constantly are being required to tread, not only in Nigeria, but worldwide in these end times. Virtually all the top Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria are affected by the new Law, and they also would be responding one way or another as the Holy Spirit would be showing them how.  Pastor Adeboye had prefaced this new announcement by mentioning how the more generous and effective pension scheme the Church had operated for years, had to be discontinued in compliance with the new pension laws in the country.

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